05-11-2014, 11:57 PM
Hey guys, I know this is not actually mine's, but...

Speaking of Samurai Jack characters major or minor, familiar or obscure, I have just recovered some unknown female character from the Samurai Jack vault of obscurity.

And guess what I've found at infamousCOMM's DeviantArt page, don�t ya?

This one!

You see, I can recognize this toon girl, for she most recently catches my eye as of late.

Anyway, for those people who are familiar with Genndy Tartakovsky's masterpiece Samurai Jack (2001-2004) (which is also one of my favorites), this unknown Japanese female toon girl that I was most recently talking about (and that DeviantArt user infamousCOMM drew) is actually, in fact, one of the two daughters (one is a teenager just like the one that said DeviantArt user depicted, the other is a younger girl) of a Japanese family sticking to the old ways that Samurai Jack briefly befriends towards the end of the episode where Jack himself lost his sandals to a robotic biker gang (that is, Samurai Jack Episode XXVI: Jack's Sandals).

FYI, both cartoon Japanese girls/daughters from Samurai Jack Episode XXVI: Jack's Sandals were actually voiced by Kath Soucie, a veteran voice artist who provided female voices for animated cartoons of the last 2 decades whether it's Dexter's Laboratory (1995/1996-2003) or Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991) (which is the first animated movie to ever get a Best Picture Oscar nomination at the Academy Awards).

Anyway, you may enjoy this piece of Samurai Jack fanart that I have found!

And so, what do you think of the piece of Samurai Jack fanart found by yours truly?

09-12-2014, 08:30 PM
Maybe it's the female when jack plays with her in the past.