10-01-2004, 08:45 PM
Hey, can someone draw my character please i would appreciate it if you did. In colour please :D

Name: Trox

Occupation: Guardian Of Kaikan

Age: 20

Height: 5"9

Weight: 145 lbs

Birth place: Hawaii

Gender: Male

Appearance:Straight long hazel brown glistening hair down to his shoulder height slightly.It two white stripes at the back of his hair that were also very shiny, Trox does not know why those stripes are there he is puzzled alot when it comes to things about him. His brown eyes, are pleasent and caring looking. Trox has a scar on his arm like a shrukien, this also he does not know where it came from or what it meant if it meant anything at all. His view on it was it looked cool and meaningful but he wasnt quite sure what it meant.

Clothes:Trox wears a pure white shirt on that has nothing on it, it is immensely clean and perfect, he had found this shirt on the streets before it was tattered and dirty but he found a way to clean it. He also has clear blue jeans that are worn out from living on the streets and adventures he has been on: he has had alot of experience and that proves a little. He also wears white stylish trainers that look like reebok or something like that, what a townie would wear but he is not much of a townie but he has them anyway. He has always wore black gloves with red flame lines going accross it, they are missing the fingers too and the firey image has always been trox's favorite.

Race: Half Human, Half Hyporia-Jin

Parents: Unknown


Kaikan -A magic katana wich can perform devestating lightning attacks and that can block any lightning attacks, it can also absorb energy to make it even more powerful and brutal. The katanas blade is a dark crimson colour, the bottom (Not the blade) Is Black with silver triangles, "Kaikan" Is written in japanese in black on the blade. His runes are within kaikan and the symbols of the runes are on it from his adventures he has picked these runes up and used them wisely.

Power Punching Gauntlets - These punching gauntlets were obtained from his journeys like most of his precious artifacts and adventures. These gauntlets are white with and gold around the edges. These gauntlets are like no other, they allow trox to punch harder and with much more skill than he used to have. They have the same fiery design as his gloves on them but they have a slight hint of royal blue in them.


Flare Rune Bracelet -This will allow Trox to use the mighty flare rune he obtained in his previous journey's. This is a precious artifact, the symbol of this rune is on the bracelet. The bracelet is a chain like one and its a sort of dark crimson colour with a peck of green in it, it looks obvious what it is and very easy to understand.

Ten Shell -A 10 star shell in trox's hand on his palm but the spikes flow into his body. This allows trox to create big green energy beams and shoot them. These beams can be used to form other big attacks with other beams or some sort of energy identical to these. This shell is light green and some black on it, it looks like it has been deep in the ground for a very long time indeed.


Float Rune (Within Kaikan) -This rune allows trox to levitate/fly when he is not in his oblivion form or any form that allows him to fly, this rune will be activated for the length of time Trox stays in the air. To activate this rune Trox will simply have to focus himself and activate it with his mind alone or touch it and let electric vibes flow through his veins into the rune.

Flare Rune (Within Kaikan) -This mighty rune is within kaikan also with the symbol on it like on the bracelet also. It will send a ball of red energy to the opponent and it will result in a deadly flash and it will depend where it hit aswell, after the flash clears perfectly that is when they will truly see the damage of it.

((The flare rune symbol is a fireball, just imagine it... and the float rune symbol is a drop of water... well heh this is how i want it done please: Draw Trox with everything on him, clothes (Obvious) and gauntlets and stuff. Please draw him with kaikan in his hand holding the hilt and the katana nearly touching the ground (Blah). Dont need a background really... Make him look cool and with no facial expression. Oh yeah and his shirt is long sleeved.. lol anywho the gloves too with the design and that stuff. And do it in color please, thanks alot ))

10-04-2004, 06:38 PM
Is anyone gonna draw my char?

11-16-2004, 05:46 AM
I wish i could buddy but i can't draw. :-\ i can draw a stick figure of Trox and its no joke that's how bad i draw.

Blue Yuna
11-17-2004, 03:29 AM
I would if you had someone for me to base him off of.