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07-27-2014, 06:49 PM
Senzune's deviantART Gallery (

Pretty much the title.

Links to individual galleries:

Meteo ( (Pokemon set of Kyogre, Groudon & Rayquaza. Style I can't describe. You'll like it)
Enchantus ( (Pokemon set. A style of my own I can't describe. Way too large, still a WIP which will probably take a while to complete)
Pkmn -Discontinued- ( (Pokemon set. Minimal art. Discontinued because it took too much time)

Yinean ( (Abstract fractal set. Actually relatively popular, unlike the rest of my works. Kek)
Yangean ( (Abstract fractal set. Complementary to above)

Elementar ( (Classical elements related abstract thingies)
Elementus ( (Why are you even reading this, just click and see)

Astro ( (Some jewel thingies related to horoscope thingies)

Digital ( (Random digital art, 2 3D thingies among my most popular work)
Photography ( (Do I even need to describe this)

So yeah, enjoy and stuffs. If you like my works, please add them to your favourites. I could use the motivation. :)

Edit: Hmmm... this subforum doesn't seem very active. :(