Axel Alloy
10-15-2004, 01:47 PM

I just wanted to share some of my F! artwork. Thats all o.o;

Now... I can't upload them, as it says that they are too big, so I'm gonna have to post links to them @_@

Also, be aware that some of it is AxelAlloyXFreakazoid fanart... All over the net is the crossover couple of Freakazoid and the female sniper from Doonys Axel Alloy. (Who I happen to enjoy RPing to make things worse @_@)

Now, the AxelXFreakafans made the two have twins o_O;; Scary really.. So I attempted to draw them. They are all pics of Freakazoid, Freakazara and Freakazak. No Axel in them, so I'll have to work on a family pic XD


Sure Got you in my Sights! ( - Freakazoid meets Axel Alloy. (AxelXFreakazoid Crossover)

The Needy Freak ( - Freakazoid wants a hug... :(

Class in Session... ( - F! Teaches his kids some Etiquette. (Freakazara and Freakazak)

Congratulations, its a... Freak!! (Comic Strip) ( - Axel is having twins, but there seems to be something rather odd about them... (AxelXFreakazoid Crossover)

Family! ( - Awww... ain't that qyoot!

Freakies Angels! ( - Freakazoid, Freakazara and Freakazak strike a pose! ;)

Freakies Angels! ( - Same as above, but Freakazoid has a different facial expression. I couldn't decide which to use for the final pic, so... I used both! XD You'll have to decide which you prefer. o.o;

10-16-2004, 02:13 AM
I used to watch that show! When I Was little, I'd think it was stupid, and yet IW atched stuff like Barney.. I was an odd child.. I actually watched whatever was on.. unless it was boring. Really good drawings of the Freak. :D