08-23-2014, 01:16 PM
Hi there, and thanks for reading this thread.

Every year as you may know, I do a knockout game to decide which character is the forum's favourite.

This year, and for the last three years running, Vivi has won (there's a poll above about that, but I'll explain later in this post about that if you want more info).

We have 135 characters take part, 15 characters from each game from FF1 to FF14, and also FF Tactics.

But for next year's game, 2015, I've decided to remove the 15 "least popular" characters in the game. This means now the balance in the game is removed, but it also makes way for potentially new, fresher faces to be included.

So let's reveal the new 15 characters to take part next year for the forseeable future! It's one new character from each game.

FF1 - Kraken

FF2 - Leila

FF3 - Cid

FF4 - Yang

FF5 - Boko

FF6 - Sabin

FF7 - Red XIII

FF8 - Ellone

FF9 - Stiltzkin

FF10 - Yunalesca

FF11 - Lilisette

FF12 - Montblanc

FF13 - Jihl

FF14 - Lahabrea

FF Tactics - Alma

The Poll
Okay. So, because Vivi has won three of the four years we've done this game there has been some frustration with some of the forum members. It's a catch 22 in the respect that, well, the forum vote for their favourite character and three years running it's been Vivi. So part of me thinks that we all have the control of the votes so if we're unhappy about it let's just not vote for Vivi? Fact of the matter is I love Vivi as a character and I know I'm not alone, otherwise he wouldn't win so often! But I also understand for those who want a different winner, for a "fairer" chance of other people winning, we could possibly do a system going forward where the winner takes a "year off", so to speak.

So the poll simply is, do you want Vivi in next years game? Or shall we make a "winner takes the year off" rule going forward?

Also, just so you know, we now have the following amount of characters from each game representing next year:

FF1 - 9
FF2 - 9
FF3 - 7
FF4 - 10
FF5 - 9
FF6 - 10
FF7 - 10
FF8 - 10
FF9 - 10
FF10 - 10
FF11 - 9
FF12 - 10
FF13 - 7
FF14 - 6
FF Tactics - 9

Note: I don't think I'll ever allow less than 5 representives in each game, so FF14 will only ever lose one more potential character if it came down to it, but that's another story for another year :)

Let us know your thoughts on the new characters, and the poll! :)

08-30-2014, 05:24 AM
I just started today and hello!

If it's anything like the thing they run over at gamefaqs - between not just final fantasy characters but every game, I know that because of the randomization different characters would win every year. Could you strategically seed them - like having characters in the quarter-final, and semi-finals play against the opposing categories? I would vote for vivi if He was in the finals. I guess what I'm saying is, I would support vivi staying in the competition.

09-20-2014, 09:25 AM
There's around 3 days to vote on this poll if you haven't voted yet :)

09-23-2014, 11:00 PM
Well it's official! Vivi will be excluded from next year's knockout game! And going forward we shall remove the winner from the next year's game! Thank you for your votes :)

03-16-2015, 02:01 AM
No one really replied, waste of time wouldn't you say?

03-16-2015, 08:24 AM
I don't know if you can see that thing at the top of the webpage there, it's called a poll, we had people vote on that, so I'd say that's a response :)