09-02-2014, 02:23 PM
For all the Man Of Steel soundtracks lovers out there! While we're waiting for the recording sessions I was just wondering what all you guys/gals think how Batman V Superman's soundtrack will be compared to the first film.

Personally, I'm on the fence. As a huge fan of the Man of Steel soundtrack, I think Dawn of Justice's story will affect the music negatively...Mainly because, although it's direct sequel to MoS, the story doesn't seem as it is about Superman as it about the Justice League (i.e if The Avengers was made as a direct sequel to Thor, skipping Thor 2)

So it's not that I think the soundtrack or film will be "bad", but with the inclusion of not just Batman and Wonderwoman, but all the other rumored heroes (from Aquaman and even Captain Marvel), all these new hero's means all whole bunch of different/diverse themes crunched into one soundtrack (even Hans Zimmer had his doubts ( really wonder how much of Superman's theme, the epic-drum filled awesomeness ( of the first film, will actually make it onto the OST.

Anyways, that's my two cents. What does everyone else think? =)

Rogue Knight
02-25-2015, 11:06 PM
I think it will be pretty awesome myself. :)

I guess you and I might be in the minority, but I enjoyed the Man of Steel OST. It gets unnecessary flack for being "dark", but the movie itself was dark, so why would the music not be? I know that Junkie XL is going to be writing the new Batman theme, and I have not heard much of his work, so I do not know what really to expect. I guess when "Mad Max: Fury Road" arrives, which Junkie is scoring, we'll know a bit better on what his Batman theme might sound like. In any case, I am super excited for the movie and score. :D I'm sure it'll be good: it's Hans. ;) My hope is we get a 2 CD release like we did with Man of Steel. With such a big movie, we need the music!