09-08-2014, 01:03 AM
One of the things about video games being awesome is that you can extract allot of data from the CD's for own "Personal Use" Not to make profit or anything.
Like for example you like a song from a video game you played long hours, you can't find the soundtrack online to buy or other sites you tried so hard just to look for that one song but you can find it no where on the internet which has billions of sites, you finally give up on searching countless hours.
But there is a way you can just extract the music from the video game disc like for example like Max Payne for PS2, I know there's zips and rips out there online of this music soundtrack now, this is just a example I'm stating, I remember I downloaded this sound effect for the whole game Max Payne it had all the voices of the Max Payne, I was amazed of what the disc contained :D every sound effect of the video game, from weapons, voices, people, everything.
I've read users can extract video game models and rooms from the discs also since the games do contain almost every data possible. Will list a few samples.
For example like this screen shot of Silent Hill 3, Theme Park, found this pic on Deviant Art.

3D Models, Sound Efffects, Game Environment Models, Music, Weapons, so on.
Like if you wanted to put Cash from Manhunt into a another Environment like in GTA Vice City, you could just rip out the characters and Environment place in and viola you got Cash inside GTA Vice Environment, which Environment? I do not know depends on the user where they would place Cash in the Vice City Mansion or around Vice City Beach who knows. just wanted to explain more about this subject.
With this knowlege,you can transfer characters back and forth into other game 3D Environments you always wanted, but publishing the Environments, Characters, Music is Copyright and game companies would be angry or so.
That's why I said only for personal use and as a hobby just to mess with the game models and characters, also to build experiance on this to allot of people wanted some Mortal Kombat characters to be placed in the Silent Hill 4 The Room, to be standing off edges and stuff you know every gamer and user has it's own imagination.
Like for me I wanted the Kratos to be teams with Prince of Persia, The Prince & Kratos to be fighting along side. Plus allot of users could use it to render the models and make them something new or so on who knows :P.

09-08-2014, 03:09 AM
I was amazed of what the disc contained :D every sound effect of the video game, from weapons, voices, people, everything.

dont wanna be captain obvious here but..
of course the disc would contain the data. where would it come from if not from there?.

and yes, people (mainly in deviant art) extract the sceneries, items, and character models from the game discs to use on a program called xnalara (or its succesor, xps, but its easier to find if googling xnalara). i myself built quite a collection of models and sceneries for my ryona fetish.

theres this couple of deviant groups: