09-23-2014, 04:33 AM
Well here is an interesting idea...who could Cloud be paired with in FFVII?

You know all too well this topic has been discussed, probably to DEATH! That said, I think that I would like to get others opinions on who to pair him up with.

My personal opinion is that in this particular order the pairings would be best...

Tifa (first), Yuffie (Close Second), Aerith (Third), Elena (Forth).

Tifa is the obvious first choice, knows Cloud the best and can handle him physically if he steps out of line with his insane outbursts. She also is the second nicest of the four. She personality wise also gets along with him and seems to be the most likely canon wise to pair up with him (Feel free to discuss, no flames and remember do not be rude or insulting. This is opinion based, there is no 100% answers for this topic)

Yuffie is my second favorite, closely following Tifa. If you wish to know the most detail, ask me, however in a nutshell, she is has the most cheerful personality in the group (Save Aerith in some ways). She also has the most skill out of the team (check below for details).

She is matching Cloud, just slightly weaker in the damage ratio for Doom of the Living compared to Cloud's. Cloud will do 6/8ths (or 3/4s) his maximum damage per hit for 15 hits with Omnislash. Yuffie will do 5/8ths (or slightly stronger per hit than Cid's Highwind attack) for 15 hits as well (Doom of the Living). Cid does 18 hits, but they do less damage than Yuffie's hits, Barret hits 18 times as well and does slightly less than Cid's Highwind attack with Ungarmax.

Out of all three (because Elena never joins the team) female members, she is without question the strongest, she also has the second highest magic stat of all three females (as well as having higher stats all around the board compared to Tifa shockingly). If you combine Cloud, Yuffie and Barret, Cid or Red XIII for high level stats (I'd say Barret if you really want the best overall team at least in my opinion).

Now that that is all out of the way...

Yuffie boasts a happy cheerful demeanor and can snap Cloud out of it when he goes nuts. Yuffie is also the only character to ever kiss Cloud. I mean even including Advent Children, Dissidia (where Tifa was in the game!), Dirge of Cerberus or any other game they are in. Even in Kingdom Hearts, no one kisses Cloud. So considering Yuffie is the only one to kiss him, she obviously has a thing for him. She also does not push the issue (which to be honest really got annoying between Tifa and Aerith, if I had been Cloud, I'd have picked Yuffie for that reason if no other reason presented itself). Finally these two have a fair amount in common, both have gone through Tragedies (although Tifa has as well). To top all of this off, Yuffie is royalty as well, which is pretty awesome.

Aerith on the other hand is a Cetra and thus has a very strong connection to the planet (and thus Mako as it is the life blood of the planet) She understands the effects of Mako far better than any other character on the team (save maybe Yuffie as Yuffie knows almost everything about Materia). She has the kindest personality and almost everyone pairs Aerith and Cloud due to the Canon of Cloud always trying to find a way to help Aerith, even after her death. If she survived it is entirely possible.

Elena is an interesting idea as she has the nicest personality of all the turks (male OR female) and is the only turk besides Tseng and Vincent (that are introduced in the main FFVII game) that Cloud does not fight. Yes there is the optional fight at the end of the Second disc where you can CHOOSE to fight them (Elena included), but you can opt to not fight them.

Personality wise, Elena would be a good fit (watch her behavior in the game and you'll see what I mean), she is also very skilled, fairly close to Tifa level. Finally she's a blonde like Cloud which would make things interesting.

Note that during Yuffie's Wutai sidequest, Cloud doesn't say he's going to save her, or let her go, he says let them go. Granted that could be because of the temporary truce between the Turks and Cloud's party, but if that was the case, he could have just left Elena to the Turks for rescue. Yet he wants to rescue both of them. That is an interesting spin if I do say so myself (no pun intended with that situation).

At any rate, thoughts and comments? Any ideas on it? Remember these are my opinions on the game. The stats of Yuffie however are from the game itself, her stats are the second highest overall and she is a balanced character for the most part, much like Cloud.

What do you all think? I'd like to hear your opinions, also if there is too much bickering back and forth, I'll ask a moderator to close the thread, posters have been informed. I want this to be a clean exchange of opinions, so no name calling or saying people are stupid for their opinion as everyone has the right to their opinion. Hell if someone wanted to pair him with Rufus (although why I don't know) then that is THAT person's opinion and perfectly valid.

06-24-2015, 04:49 PM
Jessie, all the way.

06-26-2015, 02:15 PM
Jessie, all the way.

I always thought Jessie was cute too :) I can hardly wait to see what she is like in the FFVII Remake for PS4. I am also dying to see Tifa, Aerith and Yuffie again.

I wonder if they will put an optional way to get Aerith back? I really hope so, or at least bring another character in to replace her shortly after her death. Having one less character in the party just...was depressing. I mean it was an empty slot, one couldn't help feel like we were missing something eh?

Not to mention that with Cloud in the party at all times there were spaces for 9 characters on the right (without scrolling) and there were always two spaces left open. I really hope they give us one new character for there and a way to either bring Aerith back or a replacement character for her in the lineup (maybe Elena). It would make things interesting and Elena wouldn't be able to join up until AFTER Midgar the second time and you must choose not to fight them the final time to get her.