11-09-2014, 12:40 AM
Hi everyone!!
I need your help!!
I'm preparing an original piano arrangements album with a songbook for pianists(and others!). Here is my question : what song would you want me to rearrange? It has to be songs that don't already have 325 version of it... Pretty rare songs that you love and that are forgotten by arrangers/pianists etc...

For now, I selected 4 songs(well, one of 'em is 2 songs within one...)

- The Promised Land(FFVII - Advent Children)
- Dancing Mad(FFVI or III in the US)
- Final Fantasy XI - Opening Theme/Memoro de la Stono(FFXI)
- World's Crisis/Staff Roll(Final Fantasy VII)
(You can listen to 2 and a half ones on the link below)

Once again, I need other songs that One Winged Angel, Aerith's Theme, The Mystic Forest, FFVII Main Theme and all those that are common. They already have great arrangements in the Piano Collection series...

Looking forward to read your answers! This is a serious project! :)

11-15-2014, 07:20 PM
Okay, so even if nobody wrote a thing, I made my list :

- The Promised Land(FFVII - Advent Children)
- Dancing Mad(FFVI or III in the US)
- Final Fantasy XI - Opening Theme/Memoro de la Stono(FFXI)
- World's Crisis/Staff Roll(Final Fantasy VII)
- Liberti Fatali(Final Fantasy VIII)
- The Landing(Final Fantasy VIII)
- Judgement Day(Final Fantasy VII)
- Dark World(Final Fantasy VI)

I asked for the rights today to Faber Music and am waiting for their answer.
Don't hesitate to follow me on my facebook page, also on Youtube and Soundcloud:

I'll keep everything up to date!
See ya!

Jeremie Friez.

11-27-2014, 04:40 PM
Welcome! I'm so sorry for the late reply as I haven't been able to get on this site lately. I'm definitely interested in this (from your list, I'm especially interested in hearing Memoria di la Stona and Distant Worlds from FFXI, due to me being a player of FFXI for nearly a decade now ;)).

Another relatively obscure track (although that would be changing given the success of the game now), is FFXIV's main theme song ( Answers by Nobuo Uematsu and sung by Susan Calloway. This is a haunting track which is now one of my all time favourites, and a piano arrangement would be really beautiful to hear. :D

Anyway, good luck with your arrangements - I can't wait to hear what you come up with. :)

11-27-2014, 11:16 PM
Hi! Thanks for the feedback.
I've been playing to FFXI for a few years, this is why this particular track talks to me. Just be aware that "Distant Worlds" won't be a part of the arrangement, only the original track from the opening video.(And trust me, this is a LOT of work already ahah!)
I don't think I will work on Answers. At least for now. I heard it the first time at a Distant Worlds concert in Paris a few years ago and I don't really like it. Maybe one day who know.

By the way, I've got some news. I found an editor that would be interested in publishing my works over the Final Fantasy Series. First for my piano scores, and he asked me to work on some arrangements for small orchestras, quartets, quintets, string orchestras and harmony orchestras. I'll be adding a few news on a new thread soon!
Here is a first list of the tracks I plan to arrange for this new project :
- Forever Rachel(Final Fantasy VI)
- The Mystic Forest(Final Fantasy VI)
- Mystery Train(Final Fantasy VI)
- The Prelude(Final Fantasy VII)
- Final Fantasy VII Main Theme(Final Fantasy VII)
- Cid's Theme(Final Fantasy VII)
- Medley : Canyon Cosmo, Life Stream et Great Warrior
- The Oath(Final Fantasy VIII)
- Truth(Final Fantasy VIII)
- At Zanarland(Final Fantasy X)

I'll begin with Forever Rachel and I'll arrange it for string orchestra.
I'll have some good material to hear on my soundcloud page!

Stay tuned!

12-23-2014, 04:23 AM
Hi I don't know if you're still doing them, but there was an unreleased track from FF8, that really is remarkable, I can send you the file if you want (I stilll have it on my computer) it's a reworked version of the Dollet Mission Theme. I tried doing a piano arrangment of it, but didn't have time or patience to do it.

12-23-2014, 10:35 AM
I'm clearly interested in that track, never heard of it before!
Here's my mail :
As I plan to work on the Dollet mission theme, this is a good idea!