Nostalgia gamer
12-01-2014, 09:46 PM
Music: boss fight theme. boss fight theme.

On top of that, you have an extra theme that plays when you get into a hard fight, which i really like.The music is pretty solid in my opinion.
I really like the boss theme actually.

The gameplay:The new threads of fate is interesting, but at the same time i'm a bit annoyed that i can't access the castle all the time to get it.Its almost best just to not get it till you have a boss to fight.The threads of fate when combined, can turn your regular abilities into super abilities, and you get a title.They cost mp which you get from the muses who you rescue, when you perform satisfactory to them.Doing that gets you mp which you buy threads of fate for your battle.The other new feature is map items which allow you to dig for treasures, and get rewards to give to the muses for more benefits, as well as gear from treasures.You also get story important stuff, and stuff that allow you to find treasures easier or and towns as you progress, as well as a boss arena where you can fight all the old dead bosses you already killed.You can even fight other players as far as i'm aware.Another thing also:Enemies are no longer randomly appear every few steps, but instead appear on the map, allowing you the ability to avoid them completely, which is quite nice.You can run past enemies and avoid them completely, and even if you run away, you will blink and have the ability to avoid them.

In my opinion of all this so far:I think there are a lot of nice features which make the game a bit more fun, and add more replayability.I like the threads of fate, and maybe it is the way it is, because it would be massively overpowered, which it is.Doing 300-500 damage in a single hit is BRUTAL!! i overkill enemies on the world map, and everywhere around me.Imagine the sub machine gun which by itself does 180-220, but multiplied in damage.Can you imagine doing to a group of enemies like 500 damage? i mean holy shit.The magic ability seems strong in regular fight, but vastly underpowered for boss since everyone is immune.It is thus far so maybe it changes.

Music:It seems like the music of the world map repeats a lot.I was hoping for more themes for a ds game.The same one plays during caves too.It is well re orchestrated, but i guess i can understand.

Graphics:You now can choose between a bunch of different character looks for each type, and monsters in the menu, which is nice.In the original game, there was no customization for the main character.You have cutscenes but there is no voice acting at all for this game, which really doesn't bother me, although ff4 ds version had some good voice actors in my opinion.Golbez was voice acted and it was good.Another annoyance is not being able to rotate your camera in towns and in dungeons, giving you weird camera angles which at times are hard to maneuver.

My thoughts thus far:Good game, and can be fun to replay once in a blue moon.

Nostalgia gamer
12-02-2014, 09:03 AM
One thing to add to this post:The gameplay mechanic of one point per fight hasn't changed.Mutants gain 1 stat point, but its no longer random instead of up to 5 stat points per gain, making it more of monotonous grinding.

I keep getting hitpoints instead of strength and agility, which really annoys me.My mutant is focusing on agility right now, but keeps getting hit points, and my human is focusing on strength, and keeps getting more hitpoints.

My human already has over 600 hit points gained, and my mutant 230.

Nostalgia gamer
12-05-2014, 05:43 PM
Hello again folks, i have been playing more of saga 2.It has been around a week now.

The game has very little replayability in comparison to Chrono trigger on the ds.I have been reading up, and you can pass over items from your old game to your new game by selling them and then buying them in the new game feature.
The problem is:This game feels rather unbalanced in comparison to the original, or even the original first game on gameboy.Example:Robots are not economical whatsoever, and cost a fortune to get strong.You absolutely must have a sword on your robot, or its hp will be so low it will get murdered.

Monsters do get slightly better in spells and in defense, but its growth is so slow, and not very helpful at all during the moment.Even if you somehow kill the dragon god and get the meat, i absolutely doubt you will be able to match up with humans and mutants.This game favors humans for attacking and mutants for healing and spell casting, which i really don't like that much.In the original game, there was a chance to get a really strong monster who could help you get through the area no problem, but you had to have the patience to find it, and late in the game, the monster could even tank if you wanted.Here, it feels like monsters are really underpowered.If you don't get books and multi target spells, you are going to be dead in no time, entire team wiped out, and it seems like the abilities get better slower than mutant abilities.Right now, i got an ammonite with 42 strength 42 spirit 37 agility and 22 defense.It is one of the best pets i can get at the moment.I even saw somewhere a review that said:Ditch monsters and just flat out get 2 humans and mutants, and avoid monsters, and robots aren't as good as humans at endgame.It seems to me innate monster abilities need to be buffed a little to be worth wild, and grinding is a pain.I have been grinding non stop, and i only have 40 agility on my mutant, and around 40 spirit, with 700 hp.It takes forever to get maxed out.I liked the whole thing where you could get 1-5 in a random stat, instead of this shit.Even grinding strength is painful.I think i'l just stick with strength and spirit for my human, agility and spirit for my mutant and give mostly swords to my robot, so he can have 999 hp, because you need massive strength bonuses to get good hp, and you need great armor for the armor rating, which starts to fall behind in later levels.The armor thing is also rather disappointing, since armor falls behind after you reach giant town, and it doesn't get better.Even the biker helmet is weaker than the giant helmet.

I can tell you this:I won't be replaying this game any time soon if i finish it.Its still a decent game with interesting stuff, but i can find games that have better replayability, and are more enjoyable to replay.

Nostalgia gamer
12-06-2014, 11:08 PM
New info:I advise you to get a good pet if you want to beat odin, because you are going to be breaking your keyboard in rage.Odin soul in the arena will one shot any of your characters.The ultimate spell is psycho blast is one of them, and excalibur, one of the most powerful weapons, does 400-450 without threads(up to 1200 with) and flare i've seen do up to around 650-800(1200-1600 with threads) Flare books are better than flare ability, which is why psycho blast and the other one is better, because you get 20-30 uses, and do the same damage.

In my opinions:Its still a good game, and i like it.I might replay it immediately to see if i can pass on my weapons to a new game, or i might just play another game.Final verdict:Story wise, its not as strong as the ps1 games and snes.Its slightly better because you can effect your characters by making them turn on each other with threads of fate.My characters during most cutscenes during the game were at each others throats, and my blond mutant was insulting my robot, and my robot was threatening my mutant, which i have to admit is really cool.I want to see what happens if my robot falls in love with my mutant.