Nostalgia gamer
12-12-2014, 06:34 PM
I don't give fuck let it go the original Square is gone really really really this why you are little whiner nostalgia need to die and war againist 80s stupid fanboy and bite my shiny metal ass

That sounds like a hater or troll.

my response: Um the reason i care, is because my earliest memories of square playing its earliest entry.I was there from the start, and i don't want the company to crash and burn.You may be a hater and troll who doesn't care, but some of us do.Gus for an example probably doesn't want se to crash and burn, because that means no more games from that company.I could say the same thing about other companies, and you might disagree, like:Valve.I don't care about valve, who cares if it disappears right? well not everyone thinks that way.There are lots of valve fans from the what was it? half life series? yeah, and some like dota 2 and team fortress series and counter strike.If the company valve were to disappear, that means that company will do no more half life games, or team fortress.If square enix fails, there will be no more final fantasy.For a troll like you who isn't an afficionado of videogames, i wouldn't expect you to care, but i would like square enix to make good games.I am not as interested in ff7 itself, but still:i want it to succeed, even if its not my favorite game, and even if i like many other games better.


naturally i don't want the series to fail, because:what would i play? And i am not talking about actively supporting every game you dislike.Ok i stated that some games here i disliked and talked about them in extent:FF7 to a small degree, ff8, to a longer degree, FFX to some degree, FFXIII to a major degree.I even talked about the remakes.I have been with the series as long as revan has, and that is a really really long time.I was there since it started.I don't want the series to die, because that means that i won't to get to know if ff agito will be good or not, and if some other company were to buy it and be worse than se? then what? what if japanese market becomes bankrupt and there are no more jrpgs? what will jrpg fans play? fps games? tps games? action games? i guess they could play american i think we are in some hard times? yes.There are few jrpgs from what i seen on consoles, and to tell you the truth, i would like it if all the ff7 series was put on a cd, or all ff games from 1-9 with all the prequels and sequels from ff7 and ff4 sequel as well.Add a good price like:100 bucks, and i would actually buy it.I prefer consoles because i don't have to worry about batteries running out, and i like watching things on a big screen tv better.

12-13-2014, 06:25 AM
Please don't take this wrong way Nostalgia, but... I don't see the point of this thread. Are you being harassed by another member? If so, report them to an admin - posting a big thread about it usually doesn't work.

Also, if you enjoy a certain game that they don't like ignore them. You're the one enjoying it and that's the main thing. And by the same token, if someone happens to like a game you don't, don't victimize them or harrass them for it. A little tolerance goes a long way. :)

Nostalgia gamer
12-13-2014, 05:20 PM
I am responding about the haters recently.Anti final fantasy haters.My opinion is:They are probably either just trolls and flamers on youtube and forums trying to get attention, or they don't know what final fantasy is as a whole, like comrade, who is rather ignorant of the series.I am responding this way because:I was told who cares if se fails and falls apart, well i care.I played the series for too long and been too dedicated to want it to fall apart.Don't get me wrong, some games i don't like, and they annoy me, but i don't want the series to fail.

12-14-2014, 03:06 AM
That's very well intended, but here's the thing:
You can't argue with a troll. No amount of logic, reasoning, or fact will ever get them to change their mind.
In fact, arguing with trolls only makes them stronger.
So, it may annoy you no end, but the best advice remains,

Don't Feed the Trolls.