12-22-2014, 12:25 PM
Hey all, first post. I hope I'm posting to the right board here. If not, someone can move it, right?[Right?!]
As the title may have suggested i am Xenosaga fan. A huge Xenosaga fan. The entire trilogy was fun and exciting to play for me, some entries more than others, but it's all relative. Pretentious as this may sound, Xenosaga has actually become something of beacon of knowledge of me. It set me on a quest for knowledge, to learn more about the world and it's people, to never accept ignorance for "truth", to never stop asking questions and to always keep an open mind. Unfortunately that kind of depth in a game has never since been matched or even come close even though it's been 8 years since Xenosaga's final entry.

But that all that was my experience, merely my opinions and i have no hopes of trying to convince any of the doubters of how great of a trilogy Xenosaga was. I could write volumes on how truly amazing i think this series is, but i wouldn't want to bore anyone. Well, now for the intent of this post. There is a crusade going on, a coalition of like minded individuals[Of which i am included] come together in support of creation of an HD Collection of the Xenosaga trilogy. This crusade is called Operation KOS-MOS and it was born when Katsuhiro Harada[A Bamco bigwig] presented us with a ray of hope.

Perhaps when he finally decided to acknowledge we who've been clamoring for an HD collection of Xenosaga he said these words: "What I need, are the voices from many fans." That sentence is merely a snippet of his entire statement which i will provide a link for later. Harada's call to action for Xenosaga fans to make their voices heard, to make their want to an HD remaster truly known inspired a lot of people. From there Operation KOS-MOS was born. A petition has been created by a man called Zack, for all of us fans who want this to collectively show our support in this endeavor. I remember i was among the first hundred who signed.

It's worth noting that this same petition has 7,600+ signatures as i type this. I know what you're thinking: "This is a good thing, right? Our wish might finally come true". No doubt some of you are skeptical as well: "That's all?" "Are you serious?" "Maybe this Operation won't work after all". I speak only for myself when i say i am an eternal optimist so i believe we will get our HD Remaster so long as we continue to support Operation KOS-MOS. Begrudgingly, i speak the sad truth when i say most people fall into the latter of skepticism.

The other day i was on Operation KOS-MOS' Facebook and i see people lamenting on how "we tried" slowly resigning themselves to the idea we can't or won't get an HD collection, that all of this is for naught. There are rumors that even the creator of Operation KOS-MOS has given up. I don't believe that. And i know you don't either. What we all know is that if we want this, if we wish something to be born from our crusade we need to keep doing what we are doing. That's supporting the Operation by signing the petition, spreading the petition around to as many people as we can and spreading the word.

As i may have suggested i truly believe Xenosaga will never die, but it it will fade in obscurity once again and history will forget it. This march of thunder needs to resonate with Harada and that can only be done by US and US alone. Whether the Operation continues or tragically fails is completely up to us. To you and to me. I know some of you are dejected and i understand your skepticism. I know some of you are down because the Operation has run out of steam.

Dejected because you think we "had a good run" Take my hand, rise back up and use me your pillar of strength. Together we can make this a reality. With each day support of our cause rises. Here is something we must understand: There is no time limit in which we must succeed in making our voices heard. An HD remaster will not happen over night, heh, even if we will it. I must add: Do not give up. If you want this as much as i do, if you refuse to let Xenosaga fade away then take back my hand and we will welcome your return. For the hopeful bystanders: The worst thing you can do is standby and wait. Don't expect we will get an HD remaster because we have to. Harada explicitly he needs ALL OF US to combine our voices and let our will be known. For those still reading, thank you. I leave you with a hopeful track and necessary links.

Operation KOS-MOS' Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OperationKosMos
Operation KOS-MOS' Twitter: https://twitter.com/operationkosmos [Be sure to Tweet @Harada_TEKKEN and follow @OperationKosMos to show your support]
The petition for Xenosaga HD collection: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition...lobal_Release/ [This among the best thing you can do. Sign this petition and be sure to pass it on.]
Lastly, "The Zohar Project" homepage: http://www.xenosagahd.com/ [A group in that contributes largely to the Operation. From here, you will find links to Harada's, Operation KOS-MOS', and XenosagaHD's twitter if you missed them here. You will also find links to the petition in over five languages and a link to make your voices heard on the Bamco Thread.

Now, the inspiration for my username: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgCmNN5jY6k

Thank you once more for your time. I hope you'll join me.

Star Magician
12-26-2014, 04:35 PM
I absolutely love Xenosaga. I had a similar experience to yours when I played it. But, I don't think I would ever buy that.
I already have all 3 games, and I don't think I'd play the second or third episodes again, even if they are remastered. I might, however, if the second through the final episodes were instead rebooted to play differently and follow the story as it was originally intended before it got rushed to completion. A simple HD remake is a wasted opportunity here, especially considering the games already look very good (Ep. II is debatable lol).
Even if I was considering to buy it, I would probably decide against it if Bandai-Namco are the only ones who are in control and would profit off this. I would really want it to fund Monolith Soft instead. Tetsuya Takahashi, the mastermind behind all of the Xeno series, is still making great games (hopefully) with his team at Monolith Soft, and they need our support too.

All that being said, if an HD remake of the trilogy could get the series into the hands of more gamers who haven't experienced it yet, then go for it. I have my doubts though, seeing how remakes are often targeted towards fans, but hey, I could be wrong.
Still wouldn't buy it though.