12-28-2014, 05:09 PM
Ladies and gentlemen, young and old, here is a riddle that I wrote about GoGo Tomago from Disney's recent [and Marvel Comics-inspired] Big Hero 6, she of the bicycle and chewing bubble gum who is probably the coolest female character in the annals of Disney Animation (perhaps outside characters like Sleeping Beauty�s Maleficent, to say the least!), especially in recent years. So listen well, all of you!

I hail from San Fransokyo,

itself a mash-up of San Francisco and Tokyo.

I carry a backpack in my hand,

and I used the headphones that hugs my neck

to listen to my favorite music band.

I chew bubble gum,

And I ride a bicycle for fun.

My hair is as dark as night,

sans part of my hair which is purple but not lite.

And I am one of the mighty Big Hero Six,

and one of the comrades of Baymax and Hiro,

if that fact could stick!

Who am I?

And what is my name?