01-15-2015, 07:24 AM
Director Josh Trank trashes the Fantastic Four reboot set? - Nerd Reactor (

This sounds like typical Hollywood sniping and normally I would treat it like that. However, the lack of press on The Fantastic Four is strange and maybe troubling. FF is going to be one of Fox's tentpole movies. It comes out in July. Yet, no clips at Comic-Con, no teaser, no trailer. Complete radio silence with the exception of some information of a dubious nature. (Victor Von Doom, a blogger? If that was meant in jest it fell utterly flat and if it was accurate, then WTF?)

Now a trailer hits theaters in February but that's a scant five months before its screens. Mad Max, Avengers: AoU, Ant-Man, Furious 7, Star Wars released trailers almost a year before those films' release dates. And these films have a built in audience. I doubt the previous two FF movies left people clamoring for more and it will be competing with Ant-Man. Granted, not Marvel's best known character but Marvel is now a brand like Disney or Pixar that people gravitate towards. Before anyone dismisses AM remember a little film called Guardians of the Galaxy that featured a talking raccoon and tree.

Add to that Fox hasn't done so well with its superheroes. They almost destroyed the X-Men and it took Bryan Singer and his people two movies to fix what Last Stand and Wolverine:Origins broke. Then there's Daredevil and Elektra. 'Nuff said.

Of course, if the trailer blows our teeth out the back of our skulls then Fox and Trank will look like a bunch of mad geniuses. I'm hoping for the latter. Not an FF fan but if Trank can bring something unique to the superhero table, something that will make the other companies step up their game then it will benefit everyone, especially the audience.