02-01-2002, 02:49 AM
Hi everyone create your own role playing character this are some examples

Okay Jin'yah Kanota
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Weapon: Sword
Abilitys: Flee, Power Up, Magic attack, Ulta StrikeJob: Marial Artist teacher

02-05-2002, 01:24 PM
Name : Karasu Deroga
Sex : Female
Age: 27
Weapon : Rings
Skills : Omnislash, Armor Break, Firaga, Waterga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, and Haste

Description : Black Hair, orange eyes, 5 foot 8, wearing a black elven dress

02-05-2002, 03:40 PM
Good One

02-05-2002, 08:57 PM
thanks, we need more characters!

02-06-2002, 05:30 AM
Name: Cloud Strike
DOB:December, 8 2118
Hair color:brown
eye: look at avatar
well that's it for now.

Bahamut ZERO
02-07-2002, 02:48 AM
I thought I'd done this before.... Oh well.

Name:- Nexadam.
Job:- Leader of the Knights of the Covenant and Warriors of Langstone, Shaman of the Sorcerers' Circle, Damned Soul, Slayer of the Gods and The Dimension Walker.
Weapons:- Carries the twin swords Excalibur and Xirator, created by the two Gods and used to slay the two Gods, throwing the Universe into confusion.
Age:- 18.
Height:- Six feet six.
Weight:- (With armour) 300 Pounds.
Special skills:- Known as The Dimension Walker, so has the power to move between dimensions, and is able to influence events between dimensions and in the time stream. Xirator and Excalibur are opposites so can counter good and evil.

Looks ok-ish.

02-08-2002, 09:57 PM
that...guys..only 18! wide eyes...

Moomba chick
02-17-2002, 03:32 PM
Name: Evara Trihnn
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 24
Height: 5'10"
Occupatoin: Mercenary
Weapon: Twin Daggers

02-18-2002, 03:07 AM
Name: Ace Star
Weapon:giant swowd
Skills:Magic, sword art
occupation:blitzball player

Fatal Divide
02-18-2002, 08:44 PM
Name: Sky Beran
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5'10''
Weapon: Broadsword
Skills: Lion Heart, Haste, Float, Firaga

Description: Tall, dark blue spiky hair, baggy jeans.

02-18-2002, 11:19 PM
O.o... a create-yur-chara thread!!!^_~'s my chara status report:

Name: Taeko Tanishinku
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Job: Swordsfighter, Princess of Oceania, Desolation Ninja.
Magic Class: Destruction,Shadow, Dark, Illusion, Time.
Wieght: 97 lbs.
Height: 5'2 1/2"
Weapon: Long Sword, known as the Kireneki.
Location: Shimmering Isle

Techniques: Curia Regis, Daimonelix, Dark Nebula, Dark Star, Deadly Nightshade, Deadly Sins, Death Dust, Death Sand, Death Penalty, Deus Ex Machina, Desdemona, Devil's Claw, Diaspora, Dies Irae, Echoa of Timae, Diabloe Cursae, Lighta of Deceptiona, Devanagari, Mystique Eye, Death Claw, Silent Glaive, Death Reborne Revolutiona, Desolation Havoc, Fatal Fury.

Description: Kinda like Yuffie's(from FF7) size. Has long, light brownish black hair that goes down to the chest. Has small light, midnight icy blue eyes with glittery eyelashes, which are mostly covered by her bangs. She wears a white spagetti strap on and a clear, see-through white t-shirt over it. Her shorts are just like Rikku's(from ff10) short shorts, but are sky blue leather shorts. She wears long, french white tight stockings that goes up to her two-inches up her knees. Her shoes are dark brown sienna combat boots, which where shoelace'less, but instead with zip-ups. Around her neck is a silver icy blue chain with a brown and bloody red x-cross pendant with a blood stone orb in the center of it.

Transformation: A very mysterious creature called the Fellini. This creature is a cross between a jaguar and a cheetah's. It fur is lavendar purple and it's eyes are blood red. On the center of it's forehead is a red, orblike symbol. This creature uses the same attacks as Taeko does. It is not controlled by Taeko, but is somehow connected to her...

There, 'nuff said. ^_~

02-19-2002, 01:18 AM
Name- Aramil Galanodel
Sex- Male
Age- 15
Job- Knight errant, traveling far and wide to destroy darkness where it shows itself.
Weapon- The Sacred Sword Eldath. Pure holy energy focused into a silver blade.
Weight- 90lbs.
Height- 5"6'

Techniques- Nova Strike, Holy Blade, Ultimate Division, Finality.

Description- A slight lad, he possesses startlingly white hair which reaches to his shoulders, as well as solid amber eyes. Described by some as frail, he is much stronger than he looks. His face is fair, and well formed, with high, regal cheekbones. He has a casual grace which blends well with his slender form, allowing him maximum mobility in duels of honor, which he frequently takes part in, even at his young age. Other than that, not much is known of this enigmatic young man.

02-19-2002, 03:19 AM
[b]I made up characters for Zelda and Final Fantasy , and i even drew pictures of them, pretty cool. I will post some pictures of my own characters here once i get my scanner+printer tomorrow :D anyway here goes:

Final Fantasy Characters:

Name: Kou
Age: 19
weapon: martial arts(body)
Kou, the hero of the story.He has the best martial art skills in the group.He can be a bit "over board" some times(he seems like a serious guy in the beginning of the story)but when it comes down to serious stuff, he cares about nothing but success and has feelings for everyone, especially Princess Naomi.

Name: (princess)Naomi
A Wild, spunky, yet beautiful girl. She can get really annoying when she's traveling with the group. She is always complaining about food, sleep,being clean, and clothes. She has a grudge against Kou who always has the opposite agreements & who is immature & (in her opinion) has no qualities of an adult.

Name: Yuka
Weapon: crazy sword
Biography: An extroardinary woman who's skills are to able to make her foe berserk,confused,chicken,mad (etc. of the follwing type) with her impulse sword art abilities. She is very bossy & serious. Gaining experience out in the fields is what she likes to do on the very little time she has.

that's about it for final fantasy characters, i haven't made the rest of the characters YET..more to come

i dont really wanna talk about the zelda characters, maye in a different thread

02-24-2002, 03:08 AM
those are good especcially you Tae Tsuzuki

02-28-2002, 04:25 PM
Name: Wakka
Age: 29
Job: Slayer
weapon: battle crossbow (a cross between a corssbow and axe)
a very calm and chilled guy. Wakka was outcasted from his family at 18, and decided to live the path of the slayer. Known as a loner, Wakka wanders around from town to town, looking for bounties to gain money.

02-28-2002, 08:56 PM
Oh,this fun! Here's mine...

Name: Desdemona Baxter.
Age: 17.
Job: Princess.
Weapon: Sword.
Ability: Don't know.

02-28-2002, 09:09 PM

Name: SSJ
Age: 23
sex: male
Job: Paladin
Hight weight: 5ft 11, 230 pounds
Weapon: Holy blade

Abilitys: Revive, heal, holy divine, Curaga, death.

02-28-2002, 09:22 PM
Here's mine:
Name: Crystal
Apperence:Long green shirt, baggy pants,white tennis shoes,and a golden ring on ring finger.
weapon: magic and swords
Sex: female
blood type: AB-
birth date: October 5
Other info: parents dead and was sent to earth. Was teased and mocted by kids and desided to search for the promised land with her only friends Alex,Elizabeth, and Rachel. Elizabeth and Rachel die by Sephiroth

03-01-2002, 03:33 AM
Dog Tag : Jacob Bloodcrest

Age : Unknown .

Race : Vampire .. Cieux Rebirth.

Chosen Weapon : Odessa Moon ( Sword of Souls )

Skills : Martial Arts .. Fencing .. Deception .. Illusions ..
Shape Shifting .

Story : The third born child of Lord Ares Alkaizer Bloodcrest , jacob
would be the last of the orginal bloodcrest for the council of krin decided it was time a new era would begin. This not being to Ares nor Jacob's liking or any of the other bloodcrest bloodline war was waged upon the council of krin this war would carry out for nearly two hunder years. Now that the smoke has cleared the bloodcrest would reign high in the world of paradox but jacob would also grow weary of his surroundings and would soon venture off in search of a new realm.. upon finding a new realm he would meet a mortal women who in time would become the mother of a new dynasty known as Cieux...a branch of the bloodcrest bloodline.

Jacobs Mirror : Standing before you is a well built figure around six foot six two-hundred and thirty pounds of well carved brute force encased in black loose fitting leather pants knee high ebony boots a unbuttoned pale silk shirt finely finished with a black leather trench coat , all so well fitting to match those eyes wich flowed like storm clouds every so often a hint of firery hell would grace them , black lips and pale skin deadly obession king of illusions.

Blah lol .. good enough ya get the point :alien:

- final dimension x -

03-03-2002, 12:37 AM
Name: Cecil Hayguao
Age: 18
Race: Human
Weapon: Anything when in trouble
Skills: Magic, Martal Arts

Story: He began a survivor when an evil attack destroyed his home and sent him to another world far different from the town life of his home he traveled to his birth place, but when a dark figure takes his only friend Kate Beragan, he fights to get her back because she holds a secret to his past and the past of a weapon of evil that could cause life to become a non-existant dream, but if it is defeated he could and may be able to return home and be at peace, with his family.

Looks like: I will put a picture in soon.

03-03-2002, 04:37 PM
Calkin Cerin Corrocance
Bounty hunter
Gun (Magnum)
Ruins of Malaar
January 29

Pale complexion,Jet black straight hair,Steady pale green eyes .
Quiet and intelligent,Exellent Gunman,Good with the
Longsword and Rapier.Travels alone.

There's mine .I hope you like it .Please don't copy it .

03-03-2002, 05:49 PM
Name:John Laburnski
Race:Half-Human and Half-Elf
His final weapon:Lombart Lance
Tech:Drain,Jump,1000-thrust(not needle)


03-10-2002, 03:45 AM
ive got a new one

occupation: Swordsman
Race: Human
Ability: Ultimante Ace, Cure, Ultimante Slash, Power Break
descrition: blonde hair with blue eyes (kinda like Tidus)

03-13-2002, 03:27 AM
I can't decide:

Name: Ace Highwind
Job: Poilot/Lancer
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Command: Jump (Snipe skill when equipped with a gun)
Weapon: Spear/Lance or Gun


Name: Max (insert good last name here):confused:
Job: Palidan (fomerly a body guard)
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Command: Paladin Sword (combination of Holy Sword skills and Battle skills
Weapon: Swords, Knight Swords, and all swords from FFVII

03-19-2002, 05:24 AM
I think Ace Highwinds better;)

03-20-2002, 01:29 PM
ok here is one BTW he is not related to the gay aaron carter

Name:Josh Carter
Skill:Killing Spree
Weapon:Two Ulaks (a Ulak is something like a giant protractor only a blade and u punch with them)
Description:Blonde hair under a beanie and blue eyes

Great King Dragon
03-21-2002, 12:48 AM
Name: Arios Trine
Age: 19
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 145
Weapon: Katana
Class: SwordsMen

Bahamut ZERO
03-23-2002, 02:02 AM
Bahamut ZERO's second attempt (whilst drunk (gee, that's gonna be my excuse tomorrow morning for all these posts:-))

Name:- Nexion.
Age:- 21.
Job:- Warrior of Light, Master of Magic, Grand Wizard, Arch Sorcerer, Hierarch of the Powers of Nature, Dawn Child and Last Saudori (the first people created in the Universe...)
Height:- 6'2''
Weight:- Unknown.
Weapon:- The Holy Sword Excalibur (strangely all the characters in my stories carry holy swords called Excalibur...)
Description:- Trained under the eldest human sorcerer on the planet, Enigmax, Nexion became known as the Dawn Child after Enigmax died due to an attack from Satan himself (wrestling fans, Satan himself was Vince McMahon. Listeners of JR's commentary will understand this (at least when McMahon's heel.)) Upon discovery of his power as Dawn Child, Nexion had the task of bringing the light back from the darkness. His solution? Bring a bloody torch, goddammit!!!

$quall Leonhart
03-23-2002, 02:51 AM
Name: Supafly
Sex: male
Race: human
Age: 17
Description: ..looking good:D
Weapon: Messiah( a sword like Squalls Lionhart. gotta luv that... )
Abilitys: Charm strike, Fatalety move, Ultima and Black magic
Job: member of an elite group called Freestyle

03-24-2002, 09:24 PM
Name: Bob johnson
job:telephone operator
abilities:can sleep for 56 hours straight

03-25-2002, 01:40 AM
name- "drone"
age- 23
gender- male
height- 6' 1"
eyes- bright blue
weight- 193 lbs
specialist- Master Sword fighter, magic
limit break- final rush

03-25-2002, 03:58 AM
name: sefier anesty
age: 15
hite: 5'8
wate: 180 pounds
eye coler green
mey stuff i were: i were blue armer with a blue cross under a wite trench cout black jean pantes boot
wepon:dule sabers a hiden hand gun under his trench cout
magic:fira hast tornado cuer regen and ice
skills:steal power breack armer breack pluss scan
limet breakes:
bludy moon
moon beam
bludy rouer
finle wind of deth

caricters story: a yong man hoo once thout ther was no nead to fite lived in a small town but one day when he was out dalivering a mesig to the nabering town a teribole thing happend a monster came and bernd his vileg and evry thing in it days later when he got back he was hor i fide.he sat and thout fore a wile then whent to wer his hous once was he picked up his fathers revolver
and found a piar of swords liing on thr ground he then vowd to kill the demon that did this and get vengence for his pople...

03-25-2002, 04:27 AM
Name: Nugen Wikkenhizer
Height: 5'3(they're small)
Weight: 140(also light)
Race: Wolf/Human - Wolvenfare
Class: Theif
Age: 1023 (these guys live for atleast 2000 years)
Weapon: Short Swords, fists

Short Story:
Despite the fact that the Wolvenfare can live for 2 millenia, they are a rather warbound race. They have lost many of their kind in battles. Many were amongst themselves. Nugen emerged as the king of his tribe after his uncles death.(father was killed when Nugen was a child). Nugen has brought a new age of peace amongst the Wolvenfare, although there are some who are still militaristic. Nugen uses his diplomacy skillz, if they don't work, then him and his allies will over power those tribes.

Great King Dragon
03-25-2002, 07:58 PM
Name: Cheese Dimples
Species: Flying Cat
Weapon: Claws
Height: 1' 3" (OnHind legs)
Weight:5 LBS
Class: Thief
age: 8

03-28-2002, 09:32 PM
k heres another one

Name: Jakunen Karasu (most ppl call him Jack)

Age: 28

Sex: M

Race: elf

Class: Black Knight

Weapons/Armor: Demon Talons (Beats)that are shaped like crescent moons and curve from his elbows out, for those who dont know what beats are, theyre upside down blades fit below the forearm, and 2 Megiddo Bangles that strech from his wrist to the end of his forearm.Bangles area stiff usually ornamental bracelets slipped or clasped on the forearm. The beats hook onto the bottom of his bangles
pells/Magic: Hell spells (Dark)

Appearence: Dark Purple Hair, Dark peach skin, pitch black eyes, trim and small, very agile
Limit/Overdrive: Hell' Sigh- in a last ditch effort, he pleads for satan to possess him, then satan uses his skills to mince the enemy into millions of shards.

History:An elven orphan, raised by a ruthless redneck, he learned how live on his own. He is a desired assasin and it is how he makes him money and living. He sold his soul to satan for more power, so had no emotions, just a cold-blooded killer.The devil also gave him two magical beats made from one of his highly ranked apprentice's claws. And 2 Megiddo Bangles made from Cerberus' leg bones.While he's traveling looking for jobs, he usually rests in motels. He was trained severely to stay in tune with his senses, and now has catlike reflexes and very agile movements. His movements are like a knife slicing through half melted butter! (?)

03-29-2002, 12:31 AM
Name; Velld Ragnarok
Age; 23
Job; Vampire Lord
Eyes; Cat eyes, with black pupil and crimson outline
Height; 6'5"
Weapon; Oni Ittou (double bladed sword)
Dress; blue blood stained samurai armor
Birthplace; Shana Quig
Birthdate; October 14
Race; Drow/Sylvain (or a dark elf/elf for all you non-mythological creature people :p)
Techs; Fire Raid, Bloody Lust, Dark Star, Morbid Wish
Special tech; Crimson Moon

Story in a nutshell; Shana Quig burnt by Vainog, he goes to destroy Vainog, find a temple where Odin lives, him and Loki team up to kill Odin, he gets the title Ragnarok, then destroys Vainog and becomes king of Shana Quig.

03-29-2002, 01:47 AM
This is fun, heres another!!!!!!!!!

Chiniki Funaroka
Age- 7,900,000
Height- 5,7
Sex- ????
Race- Dead
Weapon- Mace, and also carries a golf club
Birthday- Vertu 80 ***23 (thats in there birth calander) or Febuary 08 1590 B.C ( in american time)

Bio- He died thousands of years ago and rose from the dead, He quite dumb and really is careless. He has his eyes set on killing his murderers 25th grandson.......
Spells- Nifi Ei, Kiut, Heallit, Nuko poko, Kona fona Suka Aki, Ulti doma, Don-Don-Supa beam, Shinuckatania


03-30-2002, 07:44 PM
Name: Brahmas
Age: 7500
Sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Weapon: Hands (Claws), Sword
Birthday: When you're that old, who cares to remember
Abilities: He's a fire elemental, so everything is based on fire

Story: A vampire who has lived so long he no longer needs to have blood to satisfy his tastes. He is known to many as a god, and has the power to destroy one, but due to a freak accident, his power was destroyed when a catastrophic firestorm rained down on his tower, and he used most of his power to avoid this, thus begins his story.

Shameful Heaven
04-04-2002, 05:14 AM
Name: Nova
Sex: Male
Age 23
Weapon: Two twin, etched steel daggers
Abilities: Give HP, Give MP, Mug, Counterattack
Description: A tall man, long dark hair, a black steel breastplate across his chest with large choulder pieces afixed his shoulders. He is wearing black, slightly loose pants with crossing large, brown belts each with a long, steel dagger is a sheath. A pair of black leather gloves are on his hands, and a cigarette is always burning in his lips.

04-04-2002, 06:09 AM
Name: Jerico
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Job: Wanderer
Height: 6'3
Weight: 205lbs? dunno.
Weapon: Nothing. He uses his fists... maybe gloves?
Description: A true leader with a lot of charisma.
Abilities: Fight Tech
Fight Tech:
-3x punch
-4x kick
-summersault justice
-World Shaking

04-04-2002, 10:13 AM
You'r all very good but Bahamut ZERO is really good:p

Shameful Heaven
04-05-2002, 12:10 AM
are you guys looking to make a decent roleplay? if so, i'm in. i have html skills and such.. just email me at or icq me 147180833. i enjoy rping and look forward to it.

04-05-2002, 12:40 AM
Name: Renmazuo
Job: Vampiric Sharpshooter, once was the leader of the black dragon guild, but due to an encounter with a vampire, he became one.
Weapon: Well..........sharpshooters use guns don't they
Appearance: Check out the sig, that's what he looks like
Age: 3000
Story: Once, during a raid upon a city that had been destroyed by vampires, Renmazuo was bitten back in about 1000 b.c. For a long time, he has been known as the Black Specter by people who lived in a nearby village............

His quest is to destroy a great evil, bestowed by the gods with a gun that can kill all evil in one shot.

04-07-2002, 08:04 AM
Name: Hevk
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11 1/2
Weight: 173
Weapon: Flat Fortune Cookie (Throws it like a ninja star)
Unique Abilities: Formula Creation; Attack Potions: Black Mist, Bomb, Memory Loss. Defense Potions: Vanish, Absorb, Super Absorb, NulAll, Yummy Food
Limit Break: Potion Flurry (Throw lots of potions)
Limit Break with Hovk: Combine (Combine powers with Hovk)


Name: Hovk
Sex: Male
Occupation:Street Fighter
Height: 5'11 1/2
Weight: 172 1/2
Unique Abilities: Break Dance Fight (WOO HOO ZOOLANDER!)
Limit Break: Aerial Assault
Limit Break with Hevk: Combine (Combine powers with Hevk)

Cetra Angel
04-07-2002, 12:11 PM
Name: Geoni Kran� (nickname - Nini)
Age: 15
Height: 5ft 2inch
Weight: 5 and a half stones
Weapon: Lady Shuriken (made of a strange blue metal, this shuriken is very powerful)

Job: Vice Cheif Protector of the Lady of Velicia (Lady Mailia)

Eyes: bright green
Hair: in between chin and shoulder length, black
Description: Although short, Geoni is very fast. From the age of 10, she dedicated her life to serving Lady Mailia and is now near the top of Velicia's military forces. But at night she is troubled by dreams of a not-so-distant future, she sees the burning of Velicia City two days before it happens. Shaken by the event, she decides to try and change what she sees in her dreams. So begins an epic quest, blah blah blah, to restore peace.

04-07-2002, 07:04 PM
ok this seems interesting:

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Natural Weapon:Skateboard(duh)
Weapon sIn Hands: Those Ninja Blade Things that attatch to a glove(wolverine's come out of his hand)
Magic:Invisibility,Haste,Vandalism,Slow,(to use on cops)
Abilities: Make-out with Girl, Escape From Cops,Casper Slide
Mission:Get a Girlfriend

04-12-2002, 05:07 AM
2nd Char.

Projekt Name : Shadowlaw.

Subject : Jin Saint Amoh.

Lin Kuei : Liquidus.

Age : 19


Appearence : A well fit structure six foot one in height each muscle cut perfect around 197 pounds of stealth , a pair of ebony tights encaged by a pair of knee high grey armored boots meshed evenly with enony and grey thin padded body armor finished off with a black trench coat with a red cross embeded on the left arm. ( Looks like the human version of smoke from mortal kombat. )

Weapons : Nirvathian ( Dragon Crystal Kattana )
Twin Chrome Dipped Hand guns.

Skills : Ninjitsu . Savate . Muay Thai.

Magic : Seventh Cross . Hellzwind . Omniscent .

Shadowbreak : Chains of Misery . Acid Trip . Puppet Master.

04-13-2002, 08:19 PM
Name: Sivirus
Weapon: Broadsword
Age: 18
Height: 6' 1"
Hair color: Red
Clothes:Black jacket, white/gray T-shirt, black pants, black boots, and black gloves

Will there be an RPG or something?

Cetra Angel
04-13-2002, 09:31 PM
okay, my second char...

NAME: Majin Kiyu (nickname: mage)

Age: 12

Height: 4 feet, 10 inches

Weapon: sceptre (is that how you spell it?)

Occupation: Senior Mage at the Velicia School of Arcane Arts, later found to be a sorceress with insanely powerful magick

likes: chocolate ice cream with bits of chocolate fudge brownie inside...

dislikes: maths

eyes: violet
hair: red
description: Taunted by one of the other girls in her class, Majin is determined to prove herself as a powerful mage. One night she is chalenged to a duel by the girl, she takes up the chalenge and is losing until she casts a spell she didn't even know she had.
The spell, Shade, took so much energy it nearly kills Majin, never mind the other girl. Mage is forced to leave the school before she does any more damage. She joins Geoni and helps to rid the world of evil. Blah blah blah...

Death Knight
04-13-2002, 09:47 PM
Name: Hikage Kishi (Shadow Warrior)

Age: 19

Height: 5'11"

Eyes: Blue

Weapon of Choice: Double-Edged Battle Axe

Info: Hikage is a ruthless warrior but shows mercy. He is highly skilled in battle but isnt very silent.

How's that for first try? :p

Cetra Angel
04-14-2002, 02:50 PM
heeheehee, i got soooooooo many chars... if you wanna see piccies of them all then e-mail me


04-15-2002, 01:11 PM
Name- Kenshin Strife

Weapon- energy beam shooter

Age- 16

Hight- 5'7''

Hair- Red

Eye- Brown

Info- energy beam shooter (like DBZ), goes for people who like to give him tons of money, and will do anyjob for the right price.

p.s. that pritty much describes me. but thats not my name


Angel Aeris
04-15-2002, 02:36 PM
Thanks Zachary!!! This is fun!!!

Name: Pepita DaMaron
Age: 18
Weapon: Claws
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Hight: 5'7
Skills:blizzaga, thundaga, firaga, flare, meteor, demi, death
Limit break: Darkside Slash

Storyline of the character:
Mysterious princess and a black mage, young lady with a lot of suffering and pains behind her. That's what she tells. No one really knows where she came from, and why did she flee her castle in the first place. She does have soft side, behind that selfish and aggressive shell, but still the others have hard time to trust her. And probably for a reason. The rumour tells that Pepita is accually a daughter of an evil demon...

Psuedes Psyche
09-17-2002, 01:06 AM
Name: Kriss Bryant
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 148 lbs
BF %: 2.6%
Weapon: Arian Vortex (most recent)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Story: When he was seventeen he became possed by a demon named Psuedes Psyche. Soon after his parents were brutally murded. He found out that it was he, being controlled by Psyche, who killed them. He then learned that the demon lacked full power and could only take control when Kriss was badly physically or mentally hurt. He attempted suicide three times, but Psyche prevented it each time. Kriss made up his mind that there had to be a solution to his problem. He immediatly left his home to find a way to get rid of the demon.
It was just recently that Kriss was in a forest and decided to take a break from his quest by training. He called out a challenge and the first to answer was a man by the name of Ketal. They fought a long battle but after awhile, Kriss was kicked into a fire; Psyche was the one to emerge. He teleported Ketal and him to an arena of pure darkness. After more fighting it seemed that Ketal was indeed a match for Psyche; so Psyche launched one of his ultmate attacks. Right before the attack hit, Kriss managed to regain control in Psyche's weakend state. Kriss teleported away and promised a rematch.
Right after the fight with Ketal, Psyche regained control once more. He soon fought a angel named Sin Sin. Not much is known about this battle.
A month later Kriss had returned to the forest where he had met up with Ketal and found a suprise, his dead brother who had become a zombi when possed by an evil spirit two years before. They fought a battle and in the end, Kriss set Zombie on fire. Zombie ran off but Kriss knew it wasn't over.
Soon after that Kriss heard about a tournament held by his old opponent Ketal. In hopes of a rematch Kriss joined with two knew toys; a golden katana called Arian Vortex, and a black gem on a chain that somehow kept Psyche at bay. Kriss is now fighting against a fine warrior named Aurora in the tournament.

More to come soon.:D

09-22-2002, 04:17 AM
Name :ridge
Weapon:the sword of the dragon spirit
Human with skilled martial arts

iconoclastic pastry
09-22-2002, 05:16 AM
Age:Unknown(has appearance of 3 or 5 yr old)
Description:appears to be a small boy dressed in a white cloak with the hood thrown back.
Eyes:light blue
Weapons:He has been known to carry a small orb with him at all times.
Info:This mysterious child has been seen wondering silently throughout the world. Not much is known, but there have been numerous reports of the child being responsible for the total destruction of entire citys. However these accusations are qucikly dismissed and those that report it are thought to be either drunk or mentally unbalanced.

iconoclastic pastry
09-23-2002, 04:40 AM
Name: Marcus Tenalius
Age: 40
Weight: 240 lbs.
Height: 6'6
Hair: Red with a gotee that connects with sideburns
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weapon: A long slender Rapier
Occupation: An exiled Knight of Miraz

Info: Marcus was a young warrior who helped in the overthrow of Antillian rule and restore the kingdom back to its former self. Once the kingdom was restored the king knighted young Marcus, who became the first knight at the age of 18. 20 others were knighted and put under Marcus's command. Marcus was the greatest swordsman in the world at this time. He trained all of them and in time the Knights of Miraz became the most feared in the world. The kingdom soon flourished. For 17 years Marcus protected the kingdom of Miraz. However the king had a brother to wich Marucs did not trust. One fateful morning the king was found murdered. He had been stabbed in his sleep. This brother, Jirac, accused the queen. She was executed. Jirac quickly disbanded the Knights and had Marcus sentenced to exile.

That was 5 years ago. Marcus traveled the world searching for any of his Knights. Having found some dead and none at all he has decide it is time. Now he is on his way back to Miraz, back to dethrone Jirac and reclaim his knighthood.

09-27-2002, 04:31 PM
Here's mine.

Name: Deadpool
Age: Unknown
Weight: 162 pounds
Place of origin: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Description: If you don't know what Deadpool looks like, then here it is.His costume is kinda likeSpider-man's but it doesn't have all the web and stuff on it. He is really muscular. If you can't picture him, pm me and I'll send you a picture. I'm also trying to get him as a custom avatar. Or you can go here
He's also in my sig

Job: Stealth Assassin, Dark Knight, Leader of the secret organization known as Knights of the Round Table.
Weapons: Custom, enchanted swords-Ragnorak and Masamune. He's a two handed swordsman.
Info: Not much is known about him.

10-16-2002, 08:07 PM
Name: Tichondrias
Discription: 8' 10", White deamon armoured in black and purple plates of magical power. Wingspan 30' 4" with horns coming from the front corners of his head reaching out to 3' in length.
Age: 11,039 years
Job: Arch deamon and subruler of the Underworld.
Abilities: Dark magic (polymorphing, summoning, teleportation, death and decay, fire manipulation) Telekinesis, Fly, Immortality.
Favorite Pastimes: Flying, Fishing, Summoning stupid mortals and filming movies with them, Killing them if they don't act the movie correctly, and drinking Bloodwine.
Weapons: Claws, Magic, anything that he can summon.

11-04-2002, 01:11 AM
Name: Noven Kalith
Age: Around 300
Race: 1/2 Demon, 1/2 Angel
Weapons: A sword called Uprising, and his own body....
Hair: black
Eyes: Black with white pupils
Description: Standing a 6' and only 168 lbs. he's very lanky and agile. His sword is kept hidden for most of the time and when he uses it, he must use two hands as it weighs 50 lbs.

Background: When he was young his village was attacked by demons and, being a warrior in training, protected his village. Sadly, his master and the other trainees were killed and he was taken away. He was soon influenced by the demons and began to change into one. Luckily a spell had been cast upon him when he was born and he retained his soul, or at least pieces of it. He then broke out a few years later and, on his 100th birthday, destroyed an entire city. He has now been living that down and fights mostly for the cause of good, unless his wallet says otherwise....

The Wandering Knight
11-11-2002, 01:28 AM
Here's mine:D
Name: Known as Reinhart
Age: Unknown
Race: *looks* human
Bloodtype: Unknown
Job: Dark knight
Appearance: *points at his avator and says* Just like that:D (BTW the hair's blond and the eye ~since you can't see them~ are blue) 5'8" height and unknown weight...
Weapon: *points at his avator again*
Past: Uknown
Behavior: Quiet and cold ... doesn't talk unliss needed so his past is unknown... all that's known abuot him is his wandering through the land for some unknown purpose...
Abilities:Has the ability to manipulate Fire and darkness...also skilled with swords and dark sword..can use high level black magic such as Flare and Ultima..

11-21-2002, 03:29 AM
oOOo...this sounds fun...

Name: Kariyen Ela Syet ( Kari )
Gender: female
Age: 16
Eyes: one is light blue and the other is a pretty silver
Hair: light blonde and it goes past her waist

Past: her past is unknown to her
Info: she's the princess of Anyedah, a large and sacred village. but she escapes and runs away because of these strange memories about her past, that she cant quit explain. she has left to venture across unkown lands to find out who she really is

Weapons: the Coral Tiara and the Maiden's Bow
Magic: Holy, wind, and a strange power generated by her crystal necklace

01-08-2003, 01:33 AM
Name Kenny Slice

Gender Male

Age 19

Eyes one has a slash through it the other is green
Hair is black

Past father was killed by a evil king and he wants to avenge his father buy taking the king down

Weapon a sharp sord that has sharp ridges on the other side

Magic has super potions, lightning spells, ice spells, fire spells, and eye drops

Death Knight
01-09-2003, 01:10 AM
Name: Kryofreak
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Undead
Occupation: Knight - Rogue General
Height: 6'5"
Weapons: Scythe, Throwing Darts

Known and feared as the Knight of Darkness, he calls himself Death Knight. He was once a wealthy and popular General for the mighty Undead Legions. When failing to retrieve a Sacred Orb to the Queen, he was disbanded and forced to survive on his own. He became canabalistic and kills and feeds on whatever may cross his path. Only the Demon Gods are on his side. His time grows short. He must retrieve the Orb to live eternally, and conquer the mighty legions that turned him into Death itself.

Death Knight
01-09-2003, 01:28 AM
I was reading through everyones and realized this is an ancient thread. I found an OLD post that I did and think i may have been high when i wrote it because the one i just did is mucho better.

01-09-2003, 04:27 AM
Name: Rekaar
Age: 19
Birth Place: Unknown
Job: None
Parents: Unknown

Description: A short young man, Rekaar was always the underling wherever he went, which isn't saying much due to the fact that most of the places he went were filled with over the top dragons and giants... He sported a black coat that he found lying on the ground, it's a few sizes to small [Like Squall/Leon's from Kingdom Hearts] and he wears no shirt underneath. His leg wear is a pair of old black pants [Like Squall/ Leon's] and he has very over-the-top yellow spiky hair.

Story: Granadia, a peaceful world filled with villages, rolling mountains and the occasional obssenity, which is acceptable for a world of the sheer size Granadia was. The men and women lived a peaceful life in their isolated towns until three hundred thousand years into their existence upon Granadia... Unbeknownst to them a horde of supernatural creatures that went by the tag of the Karazax rose up into a mighty army to lay siege to the land and all it's wonders. A young woman strode out of a burning city on her horse, cradling a young baby, she halted the horse at a small cave and dumped the baby before riding out into the open desert and being pierced by a thousand arrows, and falling to the ground in a pool of blood. The baby awoke to the sound of chattering and his eyes opened to see a whole colony of Uin [Like those small kawaii creatures in FFXI] they fed him and raised him in their small, cavern village deeper inside the cave. He was soon 17 and wanted to venture outiside to find his parents, the Uin told him not to but in the end he did, he grabbed a sword and set out to the open. Shock came before him as he stared out into the destruction, villages lay in ruins and before him lay the rotting remains of a human body...

01-13-2003, 07:07 PM
Name- Shang Lin
Sex- Male
Age- 20
Weapon- A big mace that has very sharp spikes on it
Abilities- summons, level up, spells, and magic

01-21-2003, 03:53 PM
Name- Draven
Sex- Male
Age- 17
Weapon- Staff and Sword
Abilities- Holy, blizzaga, thundaga, firaga, flare, meteor Hair: Black kinda long
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2 Race: Mage

01-21-2003, 03:54 PM
Cira (Prenounced-SI-RA) Sex: Male Age:18 Weapon: Scythe Special attack: Zero-Punishment Attacks: Slash, Death ring,scythe buster Hair: Dark blue Eyes: Crimson
Height: 6'3 Darkness Summon: Evil Judgement (Basically my version of Bahamut)

02-07-2003, 08:04 PM
Name: Enkidoh (surname unknown)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: dark brown (and very long), although when angered or critical, his hair glows brownish-red.
Height: About 6 foot.
Race: Human (although suspects some kind of divine influence in his ancestry.)
Job: Freelance White Mage
Weapon: Ash Staff - rumoured to be embued with holy power; hidden flintlock pistol, sword (currently the Masamune)
Ability: White Magic, and that includes all kinds of healing and curative spells, knowledge of healing and medicinal items, basic chemistry, mechanics, basic two handed sword techniques and art. Also possesses the ability to completely revive the newly deceased.
Commonly used spells: Cure, Cura, Curaga, Full Cure, Revive, Life, Full Life, Re-Raise, Regen, Wall, Reflect, Harm, Esuna, Fade, Pearl (a lower level Holy spell). Still learning Holy though, as it takes time to master properly. Also knows a unique spell called 'Aerith's Wind' which will totally restore everyone to full health as well as casting Regen and Wall on them.

History: Born the son of a clock maker and an apprentice White Mage, Enki showed ability as a potential White Mage early in life, when he was often seen healing his own wounds while playing. His mother left the Order of the White Magi shortly after Enki's birth, and so as a teenager, he devoted himself to the study of White Magic, hoping to accomplish what his mother before him had set out to do, and joining the Order's Academy on his 16th birthday.

At the Academy, Enkidoh soon not only showed his remarkable ability to quickly master standard spells but also spontantously create new spells and techniques at will! One of these, Aerith's Wind, which he named after a fellow apprentice in the Order, became his 'trademark' technique, and was seemingly impossible for other White Magi to master or even learn.

However, although he was much admired by his fellow magi apprentices, and even his teachers, there were some in the Order who felt jealous of his abilities or popularity. One such mage, was one of the Elders of the Order; High Magi Cardinal Hilde Garamonde, who took it upon herself to try and find a way to force Enkidoh out of the Order for good.

Due to the influence of the Order's Supreme Council of White Magi, she wouldn't have succeeded had Enkidoh not fallen into a relationship with a young apprentice named Aerith; the namesake of his special spell. Although their relationship wasn't as deep as it appeared to be, Enki still cared deeply for the troubled young mage, to the point where he said that, if she were to move away, he'd still wait for her to come back, and that no matter how many times they'd part, he'd wait for her forever.

Naturally seeing Enkidoh's pledge to Aerith as a confession of love, it gave Hilde the ammunition she needed to force Enki out of the Order once and for all. And, when Hilde recieved the news that it seemed that Aerith was pregnant, possibly with Enki's child (news that was later proved to be incorrect), was the final nail in the coffin to seal Enki's fate.

Excommunicated, and stripped of his ties with the Order, a now master-less and guild-less Enkidoh turned his back on the Order he had so enthusiastically devoted his life to, and he soon became a freelance magi, wandering from town to town, willing to heal the sick or needy. Although, like most mercenaries, he accepted jobs for money, if a poor person needed healing, he'd perform the spell or technique free of charge.

Eventually, after several years of wandering, he crossed paths with a person who would soon become his most trusted ally; ironically, a 'rune mage' or 'Death's Head' as he was often called - a mercenary like himself named 'Azrael'. Together, the two become inseperable comrades, and when they hear about the story of the 'Mage's City' and the legendary Crystal, they soon embark on a journey that would become much more than just a hunt for the Crystal (or 'orb'), but a fight for the very future of the planet, and every soul on it.

Appearence and Personality: Clad in the archytypical White Mage white hooded and cloaked robe tinged with red triangles, Enkidoh appears on the surface to be almost the standard model of a White Magi. Intelligent, caring, and open, he is also a very quiet person, born from his turbulent past in the Order. His blue eyes bristle with the desire to help the oppressed or those threatned by darkness.

Everywhere in his eyes, he sees life being harmed or threatned, and he feels it's his duty and responsibility as a White Mage to heal or protect. Although he does have a few wind-elemental attacks up his sleeve, along with some holy-elemental spells deadly against undead, most of his spells are purely defensive based. He's devoting himself however, to finishing his study of Holy, the ultimate White Magic - a spell he was unable to master originally because of his excommunication. Armed with what knowledge of the spell he already has, along with a scroll he discovered in an ancient library, true to his nature, he has already made quick progress in it. Complete mastery of it is still a long way off though.

As well as being an accomplished White Mage, Enki can also mix all kinds of magical and medicinical items, along with basic knowledge of ancient machinery, a result of watching his father build mechanical clocks. As a result of his first meeting with DH, Enki also wields a relic of ancient times - a flintlock firearm, which has the advantage of being able to fire pretty much any kind of metallic projectille. Due to Enki's White Mage Oath, to protect and heal the weak and injured, he doesn't use it very often though, perfering to use either the holy powers of the ancient sword of the far East, Masamune; or his typical mage staff, made from Ashwood. Embued with a powerful holy aura, this magical weapon was rumoured by many in the Order to have actually come from the wood of the legendary World Tree Yggdrasil itself, which would explain it's holy powers. Even then, due to his slight frame and rather average physical strength, Enkidoh relies on his magic abilites.

A powerful White Mage, Enkidoh's skill and magical ability is remarkable, and it's obvious he hasn't reached his full potential or limitations yet. The possibilites of his potential once he reaches Master Magi level is staggering....

(Note: this is my character I've created for the Mage Club's hopefully soon to be approved text-based RPG, so I've included a few tid-bits of the storyline for that RPG. Incidently, DH is also a member of the Mage Club also and is actually my best friend, so I thought it was only natural to include him into my character's description.

P.S. I hope to draw up a concept design of my character, so when it's done I'll upload it here so you can get a more accurate idea of my character's appearence.)

Darth Revan
02-08-2003, 05:54 PM

This here would be my character and after his description is one for his "partner", a daemon known as "Ranu". When the Mages club get's it's TBRPG up and running, I'll probably use this character.

Name : �Azrael� (known alias�s �Shade�, �Yautja� and �Death�s Head�. Real name unknown.)
Age : unknown (around late twenties.)
Height : 6�1�
Job : Rune Mage, Ex Dark Paladin.
Race : Human (suspected daemonic heritage.)
Weapons : Two flintlocks (Inscribed with Runes.) and Daemon Sword �Ranu�.
Eye colour : Hazel (Changes when inner power invoked.)
Appearance : Shoulder length black hair, jagged scar on right side of face, powerful build, wears dark clothing and trenchcoat/cloak.
Persona : Dark, moody, lone wolfish, sarcastic and flippant (when the need arises), but can be more �human� at times.
Abilities/Skills : Master of all forms of Rune magick, knowledge of forgotten technology, has unknown fighting skills derived from mixed blood (Human/Daemon). Goes berserk in battles, however, when berserk, he has no knowledge of who he is fighting and is a danger to those around him.

History : Third of eight children, witnessed the deaths of entire family whilst very young. Has younger sister, whereabouts unknown. Spent ten years in slavery, then sold to a Dark Paladin. Made a squire of Master, and claimed the rank of Dark Paladin, 2nd order. Whilst in citadel of Dark Paladin�s, was drawn to the Master Knight�s sword, �Ranu�. At that moment, when he wielded �Ranu� for the first time, he felt a sense of �wholeness�. �Ranu�, unlike the other Master Knight�s Daemon swords, �Ranu� could not be wielded. She was waiting for the one entity to appear, similar to herself. That night, �Azrael� wielding �Ranu� escaped the Dark Paladin�s, leaving a wake of bloody and dismembered corpses of former Dark Paladin�s. Once he had escaped into the wilderness, exhaustion took him, and he grieved for the death�s of his former comrades, his humanity calling to him. Wandered for a time, until meeting a Rune mage. Apprenticed himself to said Rune mage, and was taught the art of Rune Magick. Ten years later, he was a full Rune mage, with all skills and abilities due. Journeyed for a time, constantly hounded by Knights of his former order, he eventually came across a travelling White mage called "Enkidoh". At the time of their meeting, �Azrael� was engaged in a battle with three Dark Knights. Wounded heavily, he fought on, as if possessed by a daemon. During the battle �Ranu� glowed fiercely, slicing through the consecrated armour, as if it were paper. When the battle was finished, he collapsed in a heap, the bodies of his enemies surrounding him. It was then, "Enkidoh", who had observed the fierce battle, approached him. Weary, exhausted and cautious, he glared at the white robed figure, who approached him, arm raised as a sign of peaceful intent. "Enkidoh" introduced himself to �Azrael�, and healed his wounds. Later, �Azrael� found he had the ability to summon the physical appearance of �Ranu� to aid in battles. �Ranu�, once freed from her imprisonment, stays by the side of �Azrael�.

�Azrael� is descended from a union of a Arch Daemon and human, from over a thousand years ago. Every hundred years, those of this accursed bloodline, are given powers of the Arch Daemon. �Azrael� has those powers, but all they do, is increase his power, strength and agility in battle. Also, as a Rune mage, he has access to the �Master Rune�. The �Master Rune� is the ultimate Rune, capable of invoking a spell consisting of the following : All the elements, yet none. Ultimate destruction and ultimate construction. The �Master Rune" has a curse to it, when it is invoked, it ages the caster a year. Also, the knowledge of the spell, residing in the spellcaster�s memory, is degraded. Each time the rune is invoked, there is a growing chance of the spell, not only destroying the caster, but also everyone and everything surrounding the caster within a certain radius. �Azrael� has never cast the spell, and swore an oath on the grave of his parents and siblings never to cast it. He can also inscribe runes on weapons and armour, increasing it�s power and strength. He gave a Runic flintlock to �Enkidoh�.

�Azrael� is in constant search for his younger sister, from his own recollection, was training to be a white mage, and that is one of the reasons he joins �Enkidoh�.

Name : �Ranu�
Age : Unknown (human form has appearance of early twenty year old woman.)
Height : 5�8�
Job : Black Mage, Fighter.
Race : Daemon (But gains humanity later.)
Weapons : Initially imprisoned within a dark blade. Upon her release, she gained Human form, and wielded a ensorcelled whip.
Eye : Pale blue, entire eye goes black when assumes Daemon form.
Appearance : Waist length black hair, silver streaked. Human form : revealing leather armour, cloak, thigh high leather boots. Daemon form : Wings, Horns, tail, talons from each hand (archetypical daemonic wear.)
Persona : Dark, powerful and sarcastic. Mainly mischievous due to mixed heritage. Enjoys tormenting Enkidoh.
Abilities/Skills : Daemon form : mainly daemonic magick, strength and abilities. Human form : Heightened sense of strength, hearing, sight and smell. Fighting skills on par with �Azrael�.

History : Born the only daughter of a Prime Daemon and Archangel, has powers and abilities of both, also shares some of the same weaknesses. Was imprisoned within a dark blade, and exiled to the mortal realm, in an attempt to force her father into abdicating his position of power in the underworld to another. For years, the sword has lain idle, in the wreckage of a crumbling fortress, until it was found by a merchant. The merchant bore the sword back his homeland, near the lands of the Dark Paladins. He had offered it to the Dark Paladin�s leader, as a token of his esteem. His reward was a quick death. Dark Paladin�s leader, found he could not wield the sword not matter how hard he tried, so he placed it amongst his other daemon swords. This however, led to the downfall of a third of the Dark Paladin�s stationed there, when a 2nd class Dark Paladin, by the name of �Azrael� took the sword from the citadel, slaughtering a legion (50 Dark Paladins) of troops. As �Azrael� wielded her, �Ranu� bestowed upon him her power, allowing �Azrael� to make good his escape. During their journey together, and through �Azrael� summoning of her, �Ranu� developed feelings for him, which were alien to her. When �Azrael� and �Enkidoh� find a way to free her from her curse, she became human, and her feelings for �Azrael� were reciprocated.

As a human, she still has her Daemonic powers and abilities, and something else. The love of �Azrael�, to sustain her and help her adjust to life as a human.

Well, that's the character and his "partner" I'd use. Also, "Enkidoh" is writing a story, with his character in it, and well, he said about putting a charcter of mine in it, so I supplied two.

Cetra Angel
02-10-2003, 11:16 PM
Name: Ren�e Detrovy

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Occupation: Turk of the 'old' generation...

Appearance: About average height with flicky-out (thin FFX-2 Yuna) red hair and brown eyes.

Ren�e was a Turk a while after Vincent, although before Reno + co. She joined the Turks at 17, and was replaced by Tseng at 24 after 'going missing' during a mission. In actual fact she was selected by Hojo for his experiments to create a human as powerful as Sephiroth, all of which failed. She was, however, made a lot stronger by these experiments.

Although nothing is certain, it is thought that she may have been given the same treatment as Valentine, but its effects on her are unknown...

~Wow, just thought this up! I'mma use it for a fanfic now~

Vorn: Devourer of Worlds
02-11-2003, 11:47 PM
Wow, some people have way too much time on their hands, a.k.a Enkidoh and Deaths_Head. Anyways, here's mine.

Name: Skeembo Jones

Age: 22

Physical Appearance: 6' 2", Hair so black that sunlight cannot escape, disconcerting bright green eyes, longer-than-average fingers (usually covered by oversized Mickey Mouse gloves).

Personality: Obsessive about spelling, yet uses lots of slang. Addicted to Scrabble and SSBM (man, he sounds a lot like me).

Weapon: Varies, though primarily he wields a magic boot and usually just knocks people out with it and steals their stuff.

Home: Wongoland, a magical place inside his mind where he spends most of his time. Even though this is so, he is still conscious of the outside world somehow.

That's enough (for now!!).

Michael Maguire
05-27-2004, 11:40 PM
The story takes place when a man named Michael Maguire gets teleported to another planet and never returns home. Then the Final Fantasy 7 and Legend of Dragoon worlds merge into one planet. He'll never return, however, his two all-time favorite video game characters tied at the #1 spot.

Note: I made up a character from Final Fantasy 7 and Legend of Dragoon. Both characters are slightly older, but they are my most-loved characters. They also have new biographies.

The Hero

Name: Michael Maguire
Job: Materia Hunter, Ninja
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon: Shuriken
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 6'
Blood Type: O

This young man uses the exact same weapons and skills as the hardest-to-make friend of all RPG's, Yuffie. He's one extremely skilled ninja who managed to join Final Fantasy 7's Yuffie, his #1 video game character of all-time tied with Meru. Michael also joins Legend of Dragoon's Meru, a cool-looking wingly with platinum hair. His love triangle consists of himself Yuffie, and Meru. He is a little younger than Meru but the same age as Yuffie.

The 2 Never-Before-Seen Video Game Heroines

Name: Yuffie Kisaragi
Job: Materia Hunter, Ninja
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Weapon: Shuriken
Birthplace: Wutai
Height: 5'2
Blood Type: A

Yuffie is always by Michael's side. She is the hardest friend to make of all RPG's. Yuffie and Michael are equally skilled ninjas. When she first met Michael, he told Yuffie that he really loved her 100%. Because Yuffie was so impressed, she became one of Michael's best friends. She is also a little younger than Meru, but the same age as Michael.

Name: Meru
Job: Unemployed
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Weapon: Sword
Birthplace: Wingly Forest
Height: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Meru is one cool Wingly to have on Yuffie's and Michael's side. She really likes to dance with Yuffie and Michael. When she first met Yuffie and Michael, Meru really loved them, so she joined them to take the adventure. Her new weapon is a sword. She is older than the others.

Bahamut ZERO
05-28-2004, 06:03 AM
Okay, this topic is over a year old. If you'd like to continue this, then create a new topic rather than resurrect an old one. Thank you. :)