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08-01-2015, 04:05 AM
Here's a gallery of a bunch of (cropped) screenshots for The Island.

They're all indexed using DGdecNV and are presented in original 8-bit video and YV12 colorspace (not converted to RGB).
There's no post-processing so you are seeing what the movie really is.

Media players (VLC, MPC-HC, etc) will post-process in some way or another.
With MPC (variants), you have the option to use MadVR to render your video to screen (after it gets decoded by a codec and/or post-processed by a filter).
Although MadVR *can* deliver excellent quality, that quality is extremely variable as there are a lot of factors involved for the final render of the video.
So raw images, as raw as a possible. On home-consumer end.

I could have converted to 16-bit stacked and RGB colorspace, it would be useful for editing.
But, we'll see.
I still may want to upscale some shots to 4K resolution.

here's a bunch in my Imgur gallery. This link should work.

They're all in PNG, too. So lossless.
Luckily, they all met limitations of Imgur and were not converted to JPG.

I also took *some* screenshots of the product placement, for fun.
I didn't catch them all. Just a few I managed to see.
I didn't do cars though. Or any of the alcohol in the bar scene.

James P.Sullivan
08-01-2015, 05:17 PM
Thanks a lot, Sparky! Really appreciate it, man. :)