09-16-2015, 05:54 AM
Could use some help creating an IMDB List ~ The Best Loner, Science Fiction Headcase

The Best Loner, Science Fiction Headcase Weirdo With Delusions Of Genius in their Late Thirties ~ Early Forties Movie List


Well I about 15 to 17 years older then I look however I am starting to get old. I will ve 40 in April 2016 and I am starting to get tired ..
and even my eyeballs are starting to get tired .... Even Though I look like I about 23 to 24 I am old to the degree that I am starting
to fine mainstream media really really REALLY fucking annoying .. Even more so then I did when I actually was 24 ......................

anyways I am starting to reach a point when I just want to watch Science Fiction movies I watched the the
eighties nineties that have a real weirdo ~ headcase ~ Loner with Serious real life delusions of Genius who
might actually suffer from maybe a mild form of schizophrenia .. Like dudes who spend ll their time alone
and think they are actually really serious hardcore geniuses who maybe feel like there is something wrong with
the world but not to the degree that they can't function in society ~~ Like the movie Donnie Darko and
Maybe 12 Monkeys ...........

Or just general creepy weird Science Fiction Horror movies like the original THING and Demon Seed

Also I would really appreciate this because I would love to fire up some movies that
I have not seen yet that might match this Label for this IMDB List

I am not really talking about ANIME .. Only Anime that is super super good with a
hardcore Science Fiction ~ Cyberpunk Vibe like Ghost In The Shell and AKIRA
Anime fitting this description would be another IMDB list all of its own ...

I am tempted to say THEY LIVE would be a good movie for this list however
I think that's more like a comedy .... But I will still put it on this list anyway .....................

Movies that maybe really really smart men around my age could relate with
where the characters are maybe sort of mentally ill and think they see something
and / or know something .... I guess movies that are for dudes who " got something "

I would really appreciate help making this list because I have sort of gotten to the
point will films / videos / media these days that I really don't give a fuck about movies
anymore ...... The only thing that will get me to a movie theater will probably be
when James Cameron does Battle Angel and any new Batman Movies or X-Men Movies
I sort of just want to sulk in front of a keyboard thinking I am better and smarter then
everyone watching movies with a cool ass retro post apocalyptic Cyberpunk Dystopia Vibe like

Also maybe movies like GUNHED and TETSUO THE IRON man would also be
good .. If anyone is starting to get the vibe I am talking about ......

Maybe movies good for men around my age who have been alone for a really relaly
long time but it does not really depress them or upset them because deep down they
feel like they are better than most of the world .. Like Donnie Darkos character
or something along those lines .....

I just don't give a fuck about new movies anymore ... I am getting too old
and most of them suck .....

The LAST STARFIGHTER that's probably a another good one for this list
the idea or ... well anyways I am sure you get the idea ...

Well here is the list here

I will add all new recommendations to the list and I will only
delete them if I watch the movie and I absolutely fucking hate
it which I don't think will happen because this is a very cool
forum ...............




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