12-04-2015, 01:09 AM
Hey guys!

I hope this applies here...So this is for those of you that love Final Fantasy music. I'm fundraising an album on Kickstarter of Final Fantasy songs that I've arranged for piano and strings. There is a small 5 track reference album you can buy and download, or you can stream it from Sondcloud. (Links below) If any of this interests you keep reading!

Awakening: Music from Final Fantasy is a collection of licensed iconic arrangements from the Final Fantasy Series by composer John Paul Hayward for various combinations of Violin, Cello, and Piano.

As a huge fan of Final Fantasy since the early 90's, I've always looked for ways to relive those adventures away from the screen. What better way then through the music? There really wasn't a lot of Final Fantasy music out there apart from the Original Soundtracks until the Distant Worlds album was launched. So, when I ran across the wonderful piano arrangements by Shirō Hamaguchi and Masashi Hamauzu, I jumped at the chance to expand upon their ideas. I took these brilliant arrangements for piano and adapted them as accompaniments for string parts that I wrote.

​The result, in my opinion, is a wonderful collection of arrangements that provide accessible, intimate versions of these beautiful works. These arrangements provide some musical diversity to the Final Fantasy music lover, they really capture the magic that makes Final Fantasy great. Not only will they appeal to the nostalgic gamer, but are arranged in such a way that will captivate even the most rigid classical lover.

Anyway...sorry to barrage you all with an annoying add...just trying to spread the word to those that care. At the very least, check it out, listen to the music. Even if you don't want to donate, try to enjoy it. That's why I arranged it. If you feel so inclined, donate and help spread the word!


Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/john-paul-hayward/sets/awakening-music-from-final-fantasy

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/233326991/awakening-music-from-final-fantasy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AwakeningMusicFromFF/

More info/buy the tracks: http://www.johnpaulhayward.com/awakening.html

12-11-2015, 01:52 AM
Good selection. I am glad you finished on Tifa's theme. I think it was a good way of ending the songs.

Also, Rose of May is quite fancy. The tune is still in my head as I write this. it's a nice arrangement, but i think something's missing. To be fair, i haven't listened to the song for ages but i remember it being a heavy sad song that reflects Beatrix's character. This new arrangement makes me think of the choir more than the sad and sombre original version. That's just my opinion though. It works very well. I was playing the song for my family and they asked where the song came from? I think you have done a wonderful job on the arrangement.

12-11-2015, 02:18 AM
I'm glad you like the arrangements! I know what you mean about Roses of May, there was an emotional connection that didn't make it into the recording, a sense of agony in the playing. It's something if given the chance I want to get a better performance of. I think that will work towards delivering more of the somber tone.

Remember though, these are only reference tracks. I have about 30 more arrangements, already finished, just sitting in the shelf ranging from FFIV - FFX waiting to be recorded...that's what the Kickstarter is for. ;) Since we only have 3 days in the campaign left it's doubtful we'll reach our goal, but I'm going to keep the reference tracks up and reevaluate. I'm thinking of launching again, but shooting for an ep instead of a full album. Anyway, pass the tracks around, help garner support so that I can deliver more to those who want it!

12-15-2015, 01:59 AM
As a man that loves game soundtracks and Ovaltine I must give this a thumbs up!!

12-21-2015, 10:27 AM
I love this soundtrack. I listen to all the time on Spotify on my ps4.

01-08-2016, 07:05 AM
It's a great soundtrack! A majority of the songs I arranged originally are from IX. I had to go back and arrange from other games to give it diversity. The sound tracks from all of the games are really beautiful, however my favorites are easily VI and IX.