12-07-2015, 10:57 PM
According to this article there will be no Merida for at least most of the season which will please some as many did not like her. That also seems to be the reason why the storyline was dropped; because of the negative reaction towards her.

It also spills some interesting beans on Zelena coming back for a big part of the second story arc in this part of the season, plus to those annoyed with Rumbelle, it appears as though they will stay together despite all that has happened. They seem to be a couple that always essentially stays together even when it appears that they break up anyways. All of this Dark One stuff, which some found boring and frustrating appears to be gone as well.

Personally, from that trailer at the end of the episode, alone along with what was further teased in this article, I am even more excited for this second half of the Season and think that it will be better than this half. They seem to be heading in a pretty good and interesting direction with it, getting the show back on tact with what makes it good. It is going to focus on the main characters more it seems and bring the family dynamic about it back.