12-24-2015, 04:48 AM


Let me start out by saying I don't expect anything.

I wanted to create a thread in case any new breakthroughs are discovered relating to the audiorom.img of Animal Crossing: Population Growing for the GameCube.

Most discs that I have ripped from my purchased copies of games have all of the sequenced music in a folder (in a format such as .song), but that isn't the case with Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing's sequenced music appears to be in some sort of raw data format that is unique to the GameCube.

I have read over countless threads but they all lead to nowhere. I do have to say though, I have learned about tools relating to the playback of the actual sequenced music files than anything else.

So what's your point?

I am looking for someone who can provide a technique to get the sequenced music files from Animal Crossing: Population Growing extracted, so they can be preserved in a modern day, lossless format (such as .alac)

Everyone keeps tossing around a recorded version (and to be honest, the quality isn't that great.) Nonetheless, kudos to the person who spent hours recording the music.

Why don't you think for yourself?

I am no hardware or firmware expert when it comes to the GCN, so I am useless to a certain extent.
I have thought of an alternate way besides using the audio image, however:

If there was some sort of hack that could be made which disabled the sound effects of the game, then the music could easily be recorded from a real system.
Unfortunately, the sound effects are probably stored in the audio image as well, and discerning between the sound effects and the music samples could be a nightmare.
(Although, how many could there really be?)

I know there are a lot of enthusiasts on FFShrine, so I thought maybe someone, somewhere, someday, might be able to fulfill my wish.
The Animal Crossing fanbase and I will be waiting.

Kokoro kara, L

# First Thread.