Nostalgia gamer
01-15-2016, 10:52 AM
For one thing:

I like the building climbing as it's very cool and hiding.I don't love the combat though, as it's so easy to die due to not countering when the game is supposed to.I also keep getting lost and there are no markers on who to talk to.Im supposed to get info on my next kill but there is no marker.Its somewhere north east and I don't remember the other two, and have no reference on where to go.I hate doing this because I wander around aimlessly till I find it and end up getting bored.

I'm lost on the story due to the fact that I haven't played in a while and don't remember the full story, but I gather that Altair is a Muslim fighting the Templars and King Richard, and I'm trying to help fight against the Templars occupying the land.The land is absolutely stunning and the buildings.I have to say I am very impressed with the design of the land in this game, and I really like some of the implements.I like how you can pass people without knocking their vases down with square button and all.