Nostalgia gamer
01-23-2016, 05:48 PM
I don't get the negativity.Sure it's not as good as the beetles or Rolling Stones but better than Justin bieber who doesn't even sing or make his music.Better than Miley Cyrus and lil Wayne.

Mostly I don't get the emo thing.Wouldnt radio head be considered emo since it's very emotional? Hail to the thief is extremely emotional.First song on the album is full of rage and last song is about someone being kidnapped or ransomed and he threatens you if you call the cops.Not exactly a happy song.Heck:Some of tom petty songs are angry like joe hello I am joe I am the ceo and let's impeach the president song by Neil young.Neil young also sung about drugs not a happy song.

Forgive me if I placed it in the wrong place as I don't know where to put this thread.I thought it would be an interesting and possibly funny topic.

I listened to 4 songs I don't love you black parade Helena and famous last words first song I listened was better than the last 3, and the last one I don't love you was the worse.Blondy Gerard or whatever his name is sucks as a singer and his bands guitar is generic.