01-26-2016, 09:27 PM
I for one am not hating on the Shadowhunters TV show. I see a lot of potential in it and would like to see it last a long time. The show offers up a simple but interesting take on the series.

At first I was kinda annoyed at the technology in the Institute, but now that I think about it it makes more sense for them to track all of these supernatural monsters. I also liked the use of flashbacks to help explain things. You should often not use flashbacks, but the way that they used them here was a coherent way of explaining the back story and key information. Plus, they timed the flashbacks at the right moment when you would be asking questions pertaining to what they are about to show. I also grew to like that Jocelyn gave Clary a Stele, as she knew that she would need protecting and in her mind figured out that it would maybe protect her more from the Shadowhunter world now that Magnus' effects were starting to wear off. Better actually then just hoping that nothing would happen and sitting there and doing nothing about it.

All of the characters are pretty much exactly how I imagined them when reading the books. They were also for the most part well casted too. I do not understand the hate towards Katherine McNamara as Clary. She brought out the kind of traits I imagined Clary to have when reading. I also especially felt emotionally connected to her when she returned home right before she was attacked by the demon for the first time. I have seen much much worse acting in many critically acclaimed movies than in this show. If anything, on this show its not so much the acting but the writing and directing which is still pretty good (much more confident and focused than in the movie for sure), but just seems to be lacking a bit with regards to certain characters' mannerisms like Jace, who is still good casted but is just miswritten/misdirected.

Despite some miswrittings/misdirectings though, I like how they expanded on certain character elements from the books like Clary going to an art college, the expansion of Simon's band with Maureen, even the stuff they did with Dot aka Dorothea from the books. Plus, I just loved the "light sabre" seraph blades (and I am not even a Star Wars fan). Having Magnus Bane be involved with the club also made perfect sense as that would be the type of thing that he would be involved with, plus its a good set up or his character.

Actually, the more that I think about it as I write this, I almost think I like the Tv show better than the books and the books are one of my to favourite series of all time. Like I said, the show has potential for what it is and I know fro experience that people should give it at least a couple of episodes (maybe until at least up to episode 5 or 7) and then if they do not like it then they can give up on it. Certain Tv shows I did not like have now become my absolute favourites of all time as a result of me giving them a chance after watching at least half a season of them. Many other people I know also agree with me on this and have had similar results, some even more so than me in fact.

I know many others who agree with me on the show, and to anyone reading this, if you would give what we have to say about it a chance, then it would mean a lot to us. Myself and many of these people would do the exact same thing for you guys in return. Anything like a person ,or even a TV show for that matter just needs time to bloom. All it takes is patience. While it may be hard to bear sometimes, it can usually end up being more than worth it in the end.