02-22-2016, 02:47 PM
Here is what the show runner of Shadowhunters has to say about what they have planned for Season 2. Hopefully they will get to it. :

"The way this show is structured, will each season be based on a particular book by Cassandra Clare, or will the series jump around?

No. We’re borrowing liberally from the whole canon when we need to. It’s a fairly complicated world, so we need to expand a little bit from the storytelling that Cassandra did in the books, for the simple reason that she stays very, very close to Clary, and we learn about a lot of the larger things that happened in the world through discussions with Clary, and we, of course, have to show those things. So, just by the normal visualizing of the story, we are borrowing from things, but we’re going to be hitting the giant landmarks that the audience for the books is expecting, but still keeping surprises for them about how we get to certain things, because it was already made into a movie. We had to make some surprises for the audience, so we’re not really following one book, two book, three book, because Book Two takes place in the span of, like, a week or something, so we would need more material than that. So, I think Season Two is mostly Book Two and Book Three, if we’re so fortunate to have a Season Two.

[Talking about the beautiful Institute set that features in season one] The sad thing, in Season 2 if we’re so lucky… in Season 2 we go to Idris, so we’re not at that set for long.

Will there be any new characters introduced in the series?

We’ve created a character to symbolize the Clave, a new character called Lydia who, again, we got her name from all of Cassandra’s books… but the reason why we created her was, we weren’t going to show Idris and the Clave this season; we wanted something to hold for next season, to reveal a whole new world, so we needed a representative to arrive. With her comes an amazing storyline and an amazing twist in the plot. That’s someone to look forward to. She’s played by Stephanie Bennett."

02-28-2016, 10:47 PM
For those who have issues with Shadowhunters, you could just see the show as a parallel universe to the books, per City of Heavenly Fire making parallel universes canon to the series' overall universe. That way you can enjoy the show without worrying about it changing your perception on the original books.

Also, for those who are interested, here is a petition for the show to be renewed for a second season. Please sign and share to as many social networks as you can as it could help the show more likely get renewed