02-22-2016, 05:38 PM
Hiya. I am a huge fan of anime and cartoon music, and I found in this Forum a Holy Grail. And, I have something to share, too.
But... There's a freaking lotsa things here, and I think that something I may share here, may be already here.
And, I don't think many useful to search post by post, thread by thread, to see if somebody has already posted what I want to share.
So, no problem? May I share it anyway?

02-22-2016, 05:46 PM
Of course you can. Sometimes mirrors are good in case the other thread's link gets down or something.

As long as you do it well (the sharing) like, making good threads, with info about the files and their quality, tags, tracklist, covers..

As long as you share and do it well, yes, you can share whatever you can.

I forgot one last rule; you can post anything you want as long as it's allowed. (Read the rules on what may not be posted in the forum)

02-24-2016, 03:17 AM
right now it just includes music from two steps from hell but this may expand in the future.

please let me know if there are any two steps from hell links on the forums. thanks.

nothing released by the RIAA may be posted. this includes (among others) anything by Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and EMI.

Edit: Music from the composer Clinton Shorter is not to be posted on the forums.

edit: nothing from the Varese Sarabande label can be posted. this includes a lot of film/tv soundtracks, so please double check. No creating threads asking for links via PM either.

edit: music from 2M1 Records and Howlin Wolf Records is also not allowed

edit: nothing from filmscoremonthly


edit: no bioshock/resident evil, this includes games.

edit: nothing from PATRICK DOYLE.

edit: Kronos Records

edit: no content from Scarlet Moon Productions may be posted

OMG, there's something left that can be posted? xD