02-23-2016, 05:13 PM
What do you do
In your free time?

Sorry, but I'm just
Too busy for that!

Really? When was
The last time you
Took a break?

So busy right now!

What are you doing?

Besides texting with you,
I'm posting on Facebook
Pictures from the party
I went last weekend,
Liking a lot of comments,
Watching TV and listening
To music at the same time,
And eating yesterday's pizza
While my bedroom
Is in a complete mess
Because my time
Is too precious...
And I still need
To finish replying
Like 700 messages
In my whats app...

Oh, I see!
Sorry If I bothered you...

No problem!
It was nice talking to ya

The girl turns off the computer wondering if that was a date or just a waste of her time after texting with a random guy for 30 minutes who was barely interested.