03-04-2016, 03:34 AM
It's been a year and a half, and I feel the dust has finally settled. I've got something like 7 different versions of the Interstellar soundtrack in my library, and I'm hell-bent on finally finding one to settle down with.

My two current contenders are these, but that's only after a cursory search. I can't tell the difference between tracks on Google Play, for the most part, so I'm leaving it up to you audiophiles to tell me once and for-all.

1) Thread 185265
2) Thread 189623

03-30-2016, 10:11 PM
The first one seems to be the most collective of the two but it's mp3. The second has a better quality but doesn't collect all of the cues.

Here's also Lockdown's edit of the score:
But also contains some Custom edits & compositions... not a great thing, to me.

Personally I'm trying to make one myself, to include all of the legit stuff to make the most complete set possible. But I also wanted to make some Film Mixes and 1 sort of source cue from the movie.

If you're not satisfied with one existing set, you could make one yourself! All you need is the FYC, the Illuminated Box Edition, the Deluxe Edition (since its "What Happens Now?" cue is different from the Illuminated set). You'll also need the cue "Day One Dark" (avaible in lossless in Lockdown's set) and some Film Version cues (some avaible again in Lockdown's set, some newer cues are only on the YouTube channel Yourfavoratemusic).