05-22-2016, 07:49 AM
Chex Quest - Anyone remember this game? It was a PC disc game that were included in some Chex cereals for a limited time. I remember playing it and in my experience, didn't take long to beat. Loved it though. Would love to play it again if I can.

Cartoon Maker - Apparently there were two of these. One was the Spiderman Cartoon Maker which I had as it came included when we bought our PC from The Wiz. Remember that store with the "Nobody Beats The Wiz? slogan? Upon searching for that on Amazon, I stumbled upon an X-Men Cartoon Maker. Both Spiderman and X-Men were the The Animated Series incarnations.

Hollywood - Don't know if that's the name of the game or not. But it allowed to sort of create your own movie. I was my friend's game. I remember him creating this movie called (forgot the town) Place, a take off of one of the popular shows of that time, Melrose Place.

Quake - VERY ADDICTING for me on the PC was the original Quake.

Power Rangers - Never had these. But I remember the commercials for these CD-Roms that played during certain Power Rangers VHS like MMPR: The Movie tape that I owned. There were 5 roms. Gonna attempt to list and/or describe them all based off of memory:
1. Create A Movie
2. One centered on coloring.
3. Another centered on desktop and/or screen saver.
That's all I can currently remember.

Anyone played or wanted to play with any of the above? Any memories of the above at all?

05-22-2016, 07:54 AM
1. This thread is probably better suited in General Gaming.

2. To answer your question, no. But I've been wanting to play Quake for a while.

3. Where the hell is DOOM?

I mean, that's one of the Windows 95 games I have some real memories from. :p

05-22-2016, 08:43 AM
Why the fuck didn't you include Hoyle's Majestic Chess?

tehƧP@ƦKly�ANK� -Ⅲ�
05-22-2016, 09:53 AM
I'm not going to swear, but I can't remember when Hugo's House of Horrors came out.
But, where's that?

It was fun to learn to play games and then get mad at later on.

Myst? No Myst?

What about Paganitzu?
Duke Nukem 3D?
Blade Runner?

And that really horrible planet game... "Another World".

And then there was another space game. Clicky-type, side-view. Poor graphics... I can never remember the name...

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I think it was one of the Space Quest games.
It was from Sierra Entertainment.

Leon Scott Kennedy
05-22-2016, 10:55 AM
No mention of Virtua Fighter 2, shame on you.

At any rate, used to play Quake a lot back in the day, it was fun.

05-22-2016, 11:33 AM
Too many good ones to mention...

3 of my Favourites, pretty sure i don't need to say their Names...




07-03-2016, 10:06 PM
Syndicate Wars

A cool feature was the multiplayer option.