06-02-2016, 06:02 PM
Wow, I am an idiot and DID NOT read the forum title. Terribly sorry guys, I'll get this sorted right away.

Just realized I put this in the wrong forum.



Okay, just to be clear, yes I know this thread is ironic given my name is "SONICFAN"X1. I'd like to briefly address that for a moment:

2) I meant a literal Sonic Fan, a "fan" (that generates wind) that has RPM speeds reaching sonic levels.
3) I've used this name for well over 5 years now, it grew on me.

Since that's out of the way, let's get to the topic on hand.

The Sonic fan base. I've actually only heard legends of this infamous fan base with fan art so cringe worthy that I kind of just want to stop calling myself "sonic" so I can disassociate myself with them permanently. Their well known for being be blunt...weird mother fuckers. Now, I'm very sure some of you, if not a lot of you hate them. I JUST got called a "fucking sonic fan" on YouTube which got me thinking (and briefly bothered me considering I just made this thread and all), "how hated are Sonic fanboys?"

Now, I'm pretty chill with everyone I meet, excluding the obvious haters. No one has ever brought up the fact that I'm a "Sonicfan" and while I admit it probably would leave a bad first impressions, I'm generally cool with everyone. I've actually only met one real Sonic fanboy who thought that Shadic - A DBZ inspired Fan Character - was real and could beat up Gogeta. That's a story for another time, but it was my first ever encounter with a legit, hardcore, Sonic fanboy. Didn't help that he was fuckin' 7 (probably like...14 now) and made a hate video to some other YouTuber.

Anyways, my point being, while nobody has a problem with me, some of them DEFINITELY have a problem Sonic fans. I'm actually neutral on the subject. Like I said, I'm no longer a Sonic fan. I'm legit just...a dude calling himself Sonic because he's been called Sonic for 5+ years now. I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions on the Fan Base, starting with this topic:

Does the mention of the Sonic Fan Base or even someone calling themselves a Sonic fan leave a bad impression/taste in your mouth or do you generally don't care about it? And why?[/spoilers]