06-11-2016, 12:51 PM
Hey everyone, I just thought I'd made a separate thread to talk about the changes for next year's game.

As I stated in this year's game, there will be some changes coming for next year. There main reason for this is Final Fantasy XV is coming out in September. I do this knockout tournament in May every year so it gives us at least seven months to buy the game, get used to the characters (some of you are familiar with them via trailers/gameplay videos anyway) and form an opinion on them. I was debating whether or not to exclude them next year and wait a full year - but I think seven months is a decent amount of time, if you disagree let me know.

So, assuming no one has a problem with it, I'll be removing some characters in this year's game to make room for the FF15 characters. I've been mulling it over, and I have decided that the best thing to do is to remove 15 characters from this year's game - and add 9 characters from FF15 next year. This gives us a total of 129 characters in total. Remember, the winner from each game takes the year off after, so 128 characters will play each year, which is a perfect round number to do a knockout game with, and means we won't have these frustrating 3-way battles anymore.

I've decided NOT to cut anymore characters out from FF14. There are six characters left in the game, and any more removals would probably be unfair for fans of that game. Not to mention FF14 characters are doing better now than they were five years ago on this knockout tournament (they only had two points in the whole tournament in the first year - last year they got 24 votes - this year they have 21 in the first round alone). So, FF14 is SAFE. As for the other games, those too, will have a minimum of six characters representing each game.

So! Which characters am I cutting out? Well here's the 15 characters...

Final Fantasy
Matoya - she's only accumulated 10 points in six years... it's not a great tally really. Her best year was three years ago when she finished 52nd with 5 points.
Kraken - one of two characters who were only introduced last year to be sacrificed... a tally of three points in two years just wasn't good enough really, even if those three points were from this year, I had to cut him. It's not like his opponent was high ranked, Unei from FF3 who was 105th place. Let me know if you think it's harsh to cut him due to only playing for two years.
Lich - chosen to be removed from the game in favour of Dycedarg of Final Fantasy Tactics. Lich only got 14 points in 6 years.

Final Fantasy II
Josef - only just missed out, 12 points in six years isn't great but it's better than most of the other characters being cut. His best year was the first year, 2011 when he finished 48th place and getting 8 out of his 12 points.
Guy - 11 points in six years isn't enough really to justify his inclusion next year. His best years were his first and second years, he got 4 points both years and finished 65th both years too.
Maria - Maria's 8 points in 6 years pretty much makes her a very easy cut. In 2013 she finished 60th place with 4 points.

Final Fantasy III
Xande - the only character from FF3 to be cut because we now only have six characters left for next year's game. He was one of the easiest cuts though, 7 points in 6 years. 6 of those points came in his first year when he finished 56th place. To think that in the following five years he only had one single vote... not good enough.

No characters from FFIV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X have been cut. Naturally these are our most favourite games and the characters from these games do very well usually.

Final Fantasy XI
Aldo - it was between Aldo and Lion really... I cut Aldo because I believe Lion is a more popular character outside of the forums. They had the same tally though - 12 points in six years - just not good enough. Aldo's best year was in 2014 when he got 5 points and finished 55th.
Zeid - 11 points in six years means he had to go really. Zeid has actually got at least one vote each year, but only in one of those years did he even get three votes - that was 2014 when he finished 68th.
Shantotto - If there's one character from FF11 that most people have heard of that haven't played the game it's probably Shantotto. She was even chosen from FF11 to be in Dissidia. Yet on these forums she only got 9 points in six years, so she had to go. In the first game she got five of those points and finished 60th.

Final Fantasy XII
Vaan - probably the hardest cut I had to make. He actually has the most points out of everyone in this cut - 14 over 6 years. But it just wasn't quote good enough, and I wanted to keep in some of the newer characters that have only had two years to settle in. If you disagree, then voice your feelings. His best year was in 2012 when he got 7 points and finished 46th place. Still, he's not once got to Round 3 in the six years playing.
Vayne - yes that's right, both the main character and the main villain from FF12 get cut. Vayne was also difficult to cut, but 13 points in six years just wasn't good enough. In 2014 he got 6 points and finished 47th place, but still, like Vaan, he never ever got to Round 3.
Montblanc - only one of two characters to be cut who only got introduced last year (the other one is Kraken from FF1, see above). He got the same points tally as Kraken - 3 points in 2 years. It's harsh I know but I had to cut him on the mathematical basis that he probably would only get one or two points each year. It's a bit harsh as I said, he was up against 16th place Dagger... if you disagree let me know and make your voice heard.

Final Fantasy XIII
Fang - the only cut from FF13 because they now only have 6 characters representing the game left. It was the easiest cut along with Xande - 7 points in 6 years just isn't good enough. I actually like Fang personally but it's not about me, it's about the forum as a whole and clearly as a collective we don't think a great deal of her. Her best year was her first year, she got three points and finished 73rd.

Final Fantasy Tactics
Malak - 10 points in six years. Not good enough. I know I'm repeating myself but still! His best year was in 2014 when he finished 55th place with 5 points.

Between these 15 characters they got 141 votes in six years - Auron had 123 votes in five years alone. So I hope you understand the reasons behind these cuts. By all means disagree with me with certain entries, I'm all ears.

So next year, we'll be adding nine characters from FF15 - I'm not sure if I'll be choosing them or asking you guys to help me. We'll see what happens when the game comes out, our general feelings about the game and the characters and move on from there. I'll probably post the announcement in this thread in April/May next year, if we're to debate who gets in and who misses out the likelihood it'll be April.

So next year we'll have the following amount of characters from each game representing next year:

FF1 - 6
FF2 - 6
FF3 - 6
FF4 - 10
FF5 - 9
FF6 - 10
FF7 - 10
FF8 - 10
FF9 - 10
FF10 - 10
FF11 - 6
FF12 - 7
FF13 - 6
FF14 - 6
FF15 - 9
FF Tactics - 8

I said two years ago I don't think I'll ever allow less than 5 representatives in each game, but I've now decided that 6 is the minimum. I want as a fair balance as I can create.

If you have any questions, concerns and feedback let me know, otherwise I'll update you in April/May next year about what happens next! :)

06-12-2016, 01:38 AM
My only objection would be Dycedarg, who I'm pretty sure I've voted for every year I've participated in this game. Unfortunately for me and for him, it looks like very few other people have. :P

06-12-2016, 10:17 AM
My only objection would be Dycedarg, who I'm pretty sure I've voted for every year I've participated in this game. Unfortunately for me and for him, it looks like very few other people have. :P

If I'm to keep Dycedarg in, the character I'll have to remove would be Lich from FF1... does anyone have any objections to that? Lich had 14 points in 6 years too.

06-12-2016, 04:27 PM
I have no objections to any of these, including whether or not you want to switch out Lich. I do like that the minimum to cut to is at 6.

06-12-2016, 05:34 PM
I'd prefer Dycedarg staying over Lich staying.

06-18-2016, 12:31 PM
We'll keep Dycedarg in and take out Lich then :)