Nostalgia gamer
06-17-2016, 11:11 AM
So i watched one episode that was kinda interesting weird and funny, and then decided to try and watch all of them, so here is what i think:

Some of the episodes, especially with take wake kuno guy are really funny, especially when he hits on female ranma.The old perverted man can also be pretty funny too, and episode 49, which is am i pretty? ranmas declaration of womanhood.Episode 49 is funny because ranma is so gay in that episode and girly that one cant help but laugh at how girly he is, and its so weird to watch.

A few episodes here and there catch my glimpse of interest and lose it, then i end up skipping an episode out of boredom.I think kodachi can be funny at times because she is over the top laughing and always going after ranma, which is kinda amusing since he tries to get away from her.

A lot of things end up repeating, like:things are attempted at a revision, but not in a funny interesting way, and when you hear whining its kinda boring.

Oh yeah:The ranma abridged are pretty funny overall, and they know that kuno makes everything better as its funny to watch his reaction as he goes after the pig tailed girl and is so stupid, that he doesnt ever figure out ranma is both a boy and girl.

Overall:Meh its not that great of a show.