03-03-2005, 07:36 AM
i cant really say that i have played ffXI yet...but i jus saw an ad that you can get like a million gil or whatever the currency is in 11 if you pay square( i think it was square...well..im guessing...i jus saw it for a brief moment..but my browser refreshed) money??!!??....ive seen this b4, with other games such as 10-6...and makes the game really not fun at all...the people who have real money in real life gets ahead of the players who put actual time into it....does anyone agree...or am i jus a poor bastard whos broke as a joke?

03-03-2005, 08:28 AM
You don't pay Square for gil - IGE and other such RMT (Real Money Trade) companies are responsible for this kind of service across many MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) like FFXI, and SE don't endorse them.

In terms of gilbuyers and sellers having an impact on how fun your gaming experience is, the fact that people can buy gil with real money means that money is brought into the game unnaturally - money which is being used by someone who wouldn't have had it otherwise. The more people who take advantage of this, the more likely it is to cause inflation with prices of certain desirables being far more dear than their worth. Yes it can be annoying to have to work that much harder to get that one overly-expensive item that's missing from your repertoire, but everyone has to put up with that at some point in the game anyway.

Overall, it isn't something that should influence whether or not you buy the game. If you don't condone gilbuying/selling, simply abstain from the practise and enjoy the game without forever condemning gilsellers to hell. .-.

03-03-2005, 08:59 AM
lol, no...that alone would not influence me to buy it or not...but yeah..that seems gay. I jus cant get it now cuz of it costin 13 or 15 or whatever it cost per month...argh...need to get job