Evad D'Aragon
03-03-2005, 10:53 PM
Hello all !

I decided to challenge Maat today, for Genkai V, in order to break the fifth and final level cap from 70 to 75.

I have heard many horror stories regarding this old but extremely powerful man, from adventurers who had to fight him again about 3, 4 or even 5 times. I looked on the web, found a video, even asked some of my fellow Paladins. I heard a lot of rumors about him, whether he has our stats, our level, or what not. Knowing if that were true or not makes a huge difference. Indeed, should I challenge him now, at level 69, his hand-to-hand ( Maat uses Hand-to-Hand even though he fights with the same job as you do, plus you cannot use a sub-job. ) would be capped at 246, meaning he would not have the all-powerful Asuran Fists, which can turn an narrow victory into an humiliating defeat.

And so, realizing that whether or not fighting him with a mere level of difference wouldn't matter much, I braced myself.

I asked my SAM friend, Jago, to lend me his accessories while he is leveling his THF sub, namely, his Amemit Mantle, Merman's Gorget, and a pair of Flurorite Rings. Every hit would count in this fight.

And so, I gathered my supplies :

20 Hi-Potions
1 Icarus Wing
1 Scroll of Instant Warp
5 Yagudo Drinks
3 Pamama au Laits
12 Sleeping Potions
1 Bison Steak
1 Vile Elixir
1 Opo-opo necklace
1 Paladin's Testimony

Total = 150k, but if I win, I can sell the necklace for 50k. Still, 100k for a single fight is hefty. I couldn't afford to lose. I had to win, NO MATTER WHAT.

Once ready, I left every unneeded item ( my normal accessories, my Pearlsack, etc ) in my Mog House, went /anon, and put invisible online status. It was not the time to have someone break my concentration.

And so I entered Ru'Lude Gardens, and went in the backyard garden to talk with Maat, for, I hoped, the last time.

After a little cutscene with someone ( won't give spoilers, don't worry ), he asks me to get him a Paladin's Testimony, which I had from a long time ago, when I went to get my AF legs in Beadeaux. So, I traded him the Testimony, and then another cutscene starts, where he challenges me to a duel. Bracing myself, I accept, and get teleported to Qu'Bia Arena.

I switched Jago's Merman's Gorget for the Opo-opo necklace, which has the special effect of raising TP when one is asleep.

I then take a deep breath, trade the Testimony to the Burning Circle, and there I was.

First thing that I noticed is " The current record for "Shattering Stars (PLD) is 9 minutes 15 seconds. "

" That record is held by Happyg. "

"Strange, I thought the record would be better than that.", I thought to myself. "No matter, I'm here to win, I shall give it my best ! Maat, you'll pay for all those annoying and frustrating past Genkais, this I swear on my Knight's honor !"

And so, I cast Protect III and Shell III, eat my Bison Steak, drink a Yagudo Drink, and then use a sleeping potion. I used 4 more sleeping potions, raising my TP to 106%, while my MP complety recovered thanks to the Yagudo Drink. So, I drank another one and a Pamama au Lait, to have both regen and refresh. Every single HP and MP is going to count.


I ran towards Maat, who greeted me.

"So, you finally decided to show up. Show me what you've got !"

I start the fight right away with Swift Blade. I didn't do as much damage as anticipated. So, I popped the Icarus Wing, raising my TP back to 100%, and unleashed Vorpal Blade. This got him at 70%.

A few seconds later, as he was at 65%, he used Invincible. I flashed, unlocked targeting, and started kiting. I realised I was, while kiting, unable to use potions, and so my HP went to as a low as 45%.

Then, when I saw he started using Banish II, and realizing he was quite far away, I took this opportunity to cast Cure IV. This got me right back on track.

Then, I charged back at him, and I hit my own Invincible, I used a Vile Elixir ( I had 7 Hi-Potions left. ) and used another Yagudo Drink and Pamama au Lait. When Invincible ran out, I unleashed a second Vorpal Blade. This got him down to roughly 40%. I then used Rampart, then 30 seconds later I used Sentinel and Shield Bash. Meanwhile, Maat used Maat's Bash about 3 times, Banish II 2 times and Flash 2 times.

Then, I see him use... Shoulder Tackle ? That may have stunned me, but it barely scratched me. "Shouldn't he use Asuran Fists ? Maybe the exact level theory does apply ?", I thought to myself. "Well, no time to think about that for now !"

My TP had built to yet another 100%. Thinking that my victory was now assured, I unleashed my third and, at least I hoped, final Vorpal Blade. This got him down to about 25%.

It was then that I saw, in horror, that I ran out of potions. Luckily, I still had plenty of MP, and both regen and refresh were still on. My other worry was that I knew that there is a 10 minute time limit on the fight. All I had to do now was stalling.

After 3 more sword strikes, Maat then looks at me and says :

"Hrm. That was a fine display of skill, Evaddaragon. You've come a long way..."

And then I get warped out.

Looking at my log, I see this :

"Clear time : 8 minutes 53 seconds. You have broken the record for Shattering Stars (PLD) !"

I was... astonished. I had succeeded in defeating Maat on my first try, at level 69, and even broke the record by 22 seconds to boot. I was extremely proud of myself, and as I am writing these lines, I still am.

I then used my Scroll of Instant Warp to get back to Ru'Lude Gardens. Then I went to talk to Maat. After a final cutscene, and a morally interesting story, I saw that my level limit had now raised to 75.

And this is my story, I hope that it was a good story, especially since I didn't post it in someone else's journal this time. ^^

03-04-2005, 03:09 AM
Another plateau for Mr. Evad~! Congratarulations on Maat Mashing, and good journey through the next big 5. ^.^/

Evad D'Aragon
03-04-2005, 05:30 AM
Thanks. My next goal is Tu'Lia. Speaking of it, I asked a friend , Saberwulf (69DRK) to come help me, Jago, Laurewen and Kinsen get sky. Can you still come lend us hand ? We'd do Z6-7 on Monday at 7 PM EST, and then Z8-13 on Tuesday 7 PM EST. I'd be very grateful if you could come, Typo.

03-04-2005, 07:19 AM

Quite a show, Ev, quite a show.

I don't think we can still be called rivals anymore, though...I believe you've far surpassed me. ; ; For now, at least. I'll catch up, don't you doubt that. I swear, on my honor!

Congrats again. /salute

03-04-2005, 07:33 AM
I loved White Mage Maat.. it's so easy. I went in with hardly any pots and really not much of anything. All you hafta do is let him beat up on you and keep healing yourself. Just need drinks and whatnot. I probably could've beat him physically if I had geared myself for it. He's a pushover, especially at 70.

03-04-2005, 08:09 AM
Thanks. My next goal is Tu'Lia. Speaking of it, I asked a friend , Saberwulf (69DRK) to come help me, Jago, Laurewen and Kinsen get sky. Can you still come lend us hand ? We'd do Z6-7 on Monday at 7 PM EST, and then Z8-13 on Tuesday 7 PM EST. I'd be very grateful if you could come, Typo.

Not worry Dave, Typo will be there~ /nod