09-27-2016, 02:42 PM
Not a joke thread. I'd like to hear people's opinions on what music could possibly replace John Williams' material for the Star Wars saga. I'm not looking to stir a discussion as to who is the better composer; the one you propose or John Williams. I'm just curious to know if there's any music out there that sounds great when plastered over Star Wars footage. It'd also be nice if we could steer clear of Desplat or Giacchino (the former arguably doesn't have the brass, and the latter is composing as we speak so we'll hear how that goes soon enough).

Someone on Youtube suggested Nobuo Uematsu (the Final Fantasy dude ;) ). See video below. Any other suggestions?


Personally, the following people come to mind (love 'em or hate 'em):
James Horner, Brian Tyler, Hans Zimmer (and co), Patrick Doyle, Blake Neely, Alan Silvestri, Christopher Young or Christophe Beck.

09-27-2016, 06:58 PM
Burn the witch!

09-27-2016, 09:33 PM
I think Ravel's Bolero could replace the Flag parade and the pod race from Ep 1. Elgar's Enigma Variation - Enigma could replace the opening titles sequence as they are about the same length. Saint-Seans marche millitaire francaise could replace the march at the end of Ep 4.

09-27-2016, 09:52 PM
Let me save you the time: there is no musical replacement for Williams. His music makes Star Wars. Period.

James (The Disney Guy)
09-27-2016, 10:00 PM
I Honestly Feel Zimmer Is Not Right For These Sorta Pictures.

Had He Been Still Here Horner Would Have Been Ideal.

09-27-2016, 11:26 PM
Horner would never have taken on such a job. He was not terribly fond of scoring easy blockbuster films like Star Wars. He only did Amazing Spider-Man because he liked Marc Webb.

09-29-2016, 11:00 AM
Again, Killgrave, I'm not trying to compare anyone to Williams. Let go of Williams. Imagine there is NOTHING Star Wars related out there. You are a studio exec and someone walks up to you with a script that has the scope of Star Wars. Space battles, drama, excitement, action, humour, ... You need a composer that can make his music embody all of these things. Who do you think of?

12-15-2016, 03:55 AM
Very very very subjective what you're asking......... and didn't actually understood the reason why.
But ,personally, i wouldn't pick anything after the 70's or 80's and not a "de facto" composer but would rather go with classical music especially Dvorak's New World...
Classical music was the "temp music" back then...
Hope i helped :)



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