10-13-2016, 02:23 AM
I stumbled upon the TV series based upon the Wolf Creek films and I'm pretty hooked. It's VERY beautifully shot and it's better than I expected based on viewer reviews. It's very short at 6 episodes but hopefully there'll be a season 2. It looks like a 1 season affair though. The most interesting thing is its use of the 2.10:1 aspect ratio. If you happen to find it, definitely check it out. It's not nearly as the dark as the movies which, for me, is a good thing. I couldn't stand to repeat watch the films due to their intense violence. It's not often I can say that.

12-17-2016, 01:02 AM
I loved it, and the way it was shot. I was not a big fan of Wolf Creek 2 the movie, the Original Is a classic. And i hated that Robert Taylor died so soon into the series "i think hes an amazing actor" But all and all great show, i hope a season 2 shows up.