10-15-2016, 07:31 PM
So recently I've gone back to put some order to my music, and so I eventually ran with my FF11 collection, which didn't have covers for at all. So I started hunting. Boy didn't I know what was coming.

To my disdain, I dunno why Google Images wouldn't ever help me and would always mock me with the message of "No more size of that image found", even though I could pretty much tell by eye what images were the freaking exact same. So I dunno if it was willful sabotage to a forbidden search, a malfunction for this week, or that Google simply hates my IP. I dunno, but I had the worst time.

So I don't want anybody to go through that crap. I'm sharing my findings in this topic. All pictures have been resized to 600x600 and to a max 80~90 KBs size (my personal preference for embedded album artwork). If you think this is wrong, feel free to enlighten me why. I'll be happy to learn.

Ah, I'm also adding the original highest quality picture I could find (the ones I resized). But those are heavy so I'll up them to my DropBox later, in a single zip.

Final Fantasy 11 (2002) OST

Final Fantasy 11 (2003) Rise of the Zilart OST

Final Fantasy 11 (2004) Chains of Promathia OST

Final Fantasy 11 (2006) Treasures of Aht Urhgan OST

Final Fantasy 11 (2007) Unreleased Tracks (Premium Box)

Piano Collections (2007) Final Fantasy XI (Premium Box)
This is from the booklet. It's a pretty long image, so it's cropped into a square.

Piano Collections (2008) Final Fantasy XI
Not stretched.

Final Fantasy 11 (2008) Wings of the Goddess OST
I actually had to CLEAN this one. That was a first.

Final Fantasy 11 (2011) OST PLUS

Final Fantasy 11 (2013) Seekers of Adoulin OST
I didn't actually have to resize this one. I present it to you as I found it.

Original huge pictures: Here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/d2z1k2u0whgawkx/FINAL%20FANTASY%20XI%20OST%20covers%20pack.rar?dl= 0).
Original Premium Box pictures:
The pictures were cropped from the booklet. If you want to download the whole booklet, you can do so here (http://www.game-ost.com/albums/15912/final_fantasy_xi_original_soundtrack_premium_box/review.php?id=792).

Well that's it. I know, I'm lacking soundtracks, but I even included good pictures I found for albums I don't have. But if anyone else got some good haul to share, thank you in advance. Let's make this easier for one another.