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Chapter 1 Lost and Found

The yacht sailed smoothly back into Junon Harbor and Reno was anxious to leave. Rufus had kept reassuring him that he would get a month�s paid vacation to search for his honor. The voyage would have been nice, but it gave him too much time to think. He wasn�t sure why Rufus wanted to be ocean-bound for so long, but at least the bar was always fully stocked. Rufus did try to talk him more on occasion, but the main advice Reno paid attention to was to bathe regularly. Tseng was waiting for them, and once the docking was complete, Rufus turned to Reno.

�I�m a man of my word, the helicopter has a full tank and is waiting for you. Just remember what I said about honor. I expect to see you back in one month.� Rufus told him.

�Yes, sir.� Reno said, fixating his gaze on the helicopter.

They walked down the gangplank together, with Rufus stopping in front of Tseng. Reno gave Tseng a half-salute and then ran to the helicopter. Once Reno was out of earshot, Rufus nodded at Tseng.

�The babies are progressing well. They�ll be out of the incubators next week.� Tseng updated him as they walked back to the new Shinra headquarters.

The nurse came in to give Kunnia her breakfast. It had been a month since that awful day when she lost her babies, and when Dr. Turin took her to their grave, she had collapsed and been in a semi-catatonic state ever since, which she seemed to be slowly recovering from.

�It�s pancakes and eggs with apple juice this morning, Kunnia.� The nurse cheerfully announced as she put the tray down.

Kunnia moved her head to look at the food, and just stared at it until the nurse said her name again, and Kunnia obediently opened her mouth so the nurse could feed her.

�In a little while, the physical therapist will stop in to make sure your muscles don�t atrophy, okay? I�ll see you again at lunch.� The nurse told her after breakfast was done.

Kunnia just stared blankly at her as the nurse wiped her mouth.


Reno landed in Icicle and went straight for the pub Kunnia worked at. When he approached the bar, Lori was facing away from him, tending another customer. When she turned to ask him for his order, an angry look came over her face.

�Get out before I throw you out.� Lori said in a low voice through clenched teeth.

�Where�s Kunnia?� Reno asked.

�She�s not here anymore, and even if I knew where she was I wouldn�t tell you. She left to get away from you.� Lori signaled to one of the employees.

�Where�s Kunnia?� Reno repeated, this time in a louder voice as he started being led to the door. When he was pushed out, he turned around and started pounding on the door. �Where�s Kunnia?�

The door opened slightly as a man popped his head out. �Dude, get a hobby.� he said before closing the door again.

Reno just stood there for a moment staring at the closed door. Kunnia moved away? But Icicle was her home�where else would she go? Reno went to Kunnia�s apartment building to ask the landlady if she knew Kunnia�s whereabouts, but the old lady just went on about unseemly behavior, so Reno headed back to the helicopter. He had a whole month, he could search the whole planet til he found her.


Chapter 2 Endgame

Kunnia stood at the window, looking out at the orchids. They were pretty, but for some reason they made her unhappy. The medical staff here had told her she had been there for two months, but she didn�t quite understand why. She had a scar on her stomach, but whatever caused it was healed, though seeing it made her unhappy as well.

The door opened and Dr. Bandi walked in. �How are you today, Kunnia?� she asked.

�I don�t like orchids.� Kunnia responded.

�Do you know why you don�t like them?�

�They make me unhappy.�

�Well, that�s a good reason.� Dr. Bandi smiled. �Do you remember what we talked about yesterday?�

Kunnia concentrated for a few moments. �About why I can�t go home yet.�

�Yes, do you remember what the reasons were?�

�I�I hurt someone.� Kunnia frowned.

�No, people were worried you might hurt yourself.�

�I think I hurt someone, that�s how I got this scar.� Kunnia put her hand on her stomach and her eyes watered up. �That�s why it still hurts.�

�Well, if you think hurt someone, you need to apologize to them. Do you know who you hurt?� Dr. Bandi gently probed.

�No. But it�s my fault.�

�Well, when you remember, you can apologize to them, can�t you?�

�What if they won�t talk to me?�

�We won�t know that until you remember who it is, so you don�t need to worry about it.�

Reno sat in the pilot�s seat once more, doing an aerial search for signs of Deepground troops. He wasn�t able to spend the whole month searching for Kunnia, because of the reemergence of another one of Shinra�s dirty little secrets. He kept hoping he�d find her in one of these many scouting missions to help take out Deepground.

Tseng was in another helicopter when his phone rang. �Yes?�

�We need the Turks� assistance.� Reeve informed him. �They�re sending a contingent to Mideel because of its proximity to the lifestream, and the WRO troops are spread too thin as it is.�

�We�re on it.� Tseng replied and hung up. He grabbed the radio. �Calling all Turks, we are heading to Mideel. This is a priority mission, your previous assignments are voided. Repeat, head to Mideel now!�

Reno radioed back. �I�m looking for Deepground already, Boss.�

�Dammit Reno, if you value your honor, get to Mideel now!� Tseng repeated his order.

Reno stared at the radio. �If I value my honor?� Comprehension finally came and he turned around, heading as fast as he could to Mideel.

When the Turks arrived, they started to load the elderly and young children onto the helicopters, taking them to the battleships just offshore. Once that was done, they separated, to round up the rest of the villagers and take them to the hospital, since it was the strongest building there. Everyone was almost to the hospital when Deepground ambushed them. One unit engaged the Turks, while another went to the hospital.

Kunnia was looking at the window again, watching all the activity. The staff had placed the hospital on lockdown, but it didn�t matter much to her, she didn�t leave her room unless she had to anyway. She didn�t like when the fighting turned bloody, and was about to close her curtains when she a familiar black suit caught her eye. She counted four of them and memories started to resurface. Panic started to choke her.

�Reno, you and Elena start securing the hospital. We�ll follow when we�re done here.� Tseng was breathing heavy but managed to get the words out. Some of the villagers were trying to help fight off the intruders, but they were inexperienced and way out of their depth, hindering more than they helped.

Reno and Elena nodded simultaneously and ran up the path.

Kunnia saw them coming and started pounding on the window. �You killed my babies!� she yelled repeatedly, so loud she didn�t hear the door being opened forcefully.

As Reno and Elena approached the hospital, they heard the pounding. Reno recognized her instantly, Elena a split second later. But they couldn�t hear what she was yelling, then she disappeared from view.

�Kunnia!� Reno started to run for the entrance of the hospital, pausing for a moment to look back at Elena.

�Go on, I�ll be fine.� Elena reassured him.

Reno nodded and ran full speed towards the hallway where Kunnia�s room should be. The door was forced open, and he saw a Deepground fighter leaving the room. He spotted Reno and started to raise his firearm, but Reno kept running and threw himself at him. Once on the ground, Reno started hitting him in the head and didn�t stop until his nightstick was covered in blood.

Picking himself up, he went to Kunnia�s room and stopped momentarily in the doorway staring at the scene before him. He went to where she was crumpled on the floor and held her in his arms, until he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder. �Come on, partner, we�ve got work to do.�

Reno looked up at him. �She�s�she�s cold, Rude.�

Epilogue, Part Three

�Report, Dr. Andari.� Rufus ordered.

�When Dr. Gast injected the infant Kunnia with some of Aerith�s blood only days before Hojo found him in Icicle, he did indeed ensure the Ancients� bloodline would continue. She was only a carrier though, possessing nothing of them on the cellular level. The triplets, drawing on their mother�s body for nourishment, received some of Aerith�s blood on the cellular level. They only have a minute trace of the Ancients� genetic markers, but they are there. Their father, having a high concentration of recessive traits, did not pass on anything that would inhibit development of the Ancients� traits.� Dr. Andari stated.

Rufus glanced over to Tseng.

�Thank you for your report, Dr. Andari.� Tseng said, dismissing the man.

Once he was gone, Rufus swiveled his chair to face Tseng. �Well, Tseng, do you have any suggestions on who can be trusted to raise the children, who never knew Reno or Aerith?�

�I was thinking of Zack Fair�s parents, sir.� Tseng answered.

�Are they still alive?� Rufus was surprised.

�Yes, sir. They were fortunate enough to have been on vacation when the reactor exploded.� Tseng replied.

�Hmmm�are they in good enough health to raise three children?� Rufus asked him.

�From what I understand, they�re in very good health, but still not quite over the loss of their son.�

�Well, then I think that giving them the triplets might go a long way to expiate our debt towards them. After all, if Zack and Aerith had lived, they would be grandparents by now. See that it is done once Deepground is obliterated.�

03-17-2017, 06:02 PM
I am so glad this is done...I tweaked Chapter 4 in part one a little, but now having done a writing marathon to get that story done, I'm kind of story-d out but I gotta write my monthly kindle book thing...and I don't think I will continue this series with the babies growing up...most I might do is tweak the ending a little to go into what happened to the Turks



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