04-26-2017, 05:40 AM
Ever been watching/playing something and hear a tune that is remarkably similar to a beat you've heard in another work, to the effect that it is identical except for removal of instrument layers or played at a different pitch/tempo? The examples I would give are the tune that is played halfway through Difference For Darkness on Halo 3: ODST soundtrack (also played in a stripped-down variant in the track "Office Of Naval Intelligence"), which I've heard the basic melody or beat of in various National Geographic documentaries that were just playing in the background of my house (nobody specifically watching the TV but nobody turning it off), the instruments and beat are the same but maybe 1 or 2 instrument layers removed. Another more recent example is the electronic sounds heard throughout the track "Intruders" from Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Volume 2 are played at a much faster tempo in combat tracks for the planet Eos (possibly other areas as well) in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It's curious for me because I always figured these "sounds" were original compositions by Martin O'Donnell and Kazuma Jinnouchi respectively, but there use in these fairly different works seems to indicate they originated from a common music software program, as templates of some sort. Another one I thought of while typing this out is the percussion in the Halo: Reach track "Overture" that begins after the opening chorus. I realize I just have to rely on people hearing the same similarities in the works I have mentioned, since I can't really describe the tunes in question in great detail. If you've listened to the Halo 4 Vol 2 soundtrack and also played Andromeda (or listened to the soundtrack, I haven't so I don't know if the cue I'm talking about is on there), you may have noticed the sound I'm talking about. I certainly did and that coupled with the other examples I mentioned has caused me to question what I think I know about what is original composition versus what is just sound/beat templates that are pseudo-composed into workable format, kinda like making mashed potatoes with actual potatoes that you bought/picked versus using the powder mashed potatoes that come in a box with instructions.

Another thing worth noting is this may be similar in principle to the Bo Diddley Beat, although that is more a rhythm that is seldom performed with the exact same instruments as the original.

05-06-2017, 12:22 PM
There's a recurring motif in Goldsmith's Alien Nation that I refer to as the 'Technodrome theme', because damned if I didn't hear that same electronic pattern whenever they cut to the Technodrome on the 80s "Ninja Turtles" cartoon.