05-06-2017, 01:02 PM
Hi everyones, i'm french so in a first time sorry for my bad english if i do some mistakes.
I'am very interesting about buying some vid�ogame/anime soundtrack for my collection but, the only one that i founded are only on Ebay but with very high price...
Unfortunately when i went to Japan Two years ago, i didn't buy enough Cd. In Japan Cd are realy cheap and in very good shape + with the spin card.
So i'm looking for a site where i can buy it more or less at the same
You guys, where did you bought your anime/vid�ogame soundtracks??

Thanks a lot

05-06-2017, 01:43 PM
Yahoo! Auctions through buyee, you can get rarities there, but don't expect cheap prices, for you have to pay intermediary fee, etc. Sadly, it's an import, so in no way or another you will be able to get cheap japanese CDs. You can get good prices on the discs through Amazon JP but you'll get it double with the shipping and import fees. Still, they are the quickest.

05-06-2017, 05:39 PM
Thanks for your answer, i have just take a look and yes its better than ebay about the price but its still more expensive than japan, but as you said i think its normal

05-06-2017, 06:02 PM
since you're french,, you can also try:

always something appear :)

05-06-2017, 11:10 PM
or you can buy on bandcamp...., or at others sites that have digital downloads, like qobuz, 7digital, etc.... google is your friend also

05-07-2017, 09:56 PM
get them while you can before they are haram

05-08-2017, 08:14 AM
or you can buy on bandcamp...., or at others sites that have digital downloads, like qobuz, 7digital, etc.... google is your friend also

if he is planning on buying them its prolly cuz he want the physical release and therefore the physical case , buying digital stuff that are already available in high quality is imo useless unless you can't find them in any other way/u want to support the artist/can't find them in high quality .

For VGM FFShrine is very good, not seeing any site that can compete with it (other than Redacted because of request special that ppl spend money on it)

05-08-2017, 01:30 PM
yes that is, i want them in physical case, first for the collection.
Rokusho, what does mean 'haram' i don't understand this word.

Thanks a lot for you help but i have one more question.
i have many vid�ogame and Anime OST bought in France. But i want to ask about the real Cd , officiel, not Fake. I could read on many website that there exist many Fake about physical stuff.
For example all my Love Hina OST were release by "Ever anime". It is Ever anime official? or Fake? My Resident evil series by "Miya" and some others by "MIKA"

i hope you'll understant what i am trying to say lol.
Because i want to buy them the cheaper that can i found but also,i don't want fake one.

05-08-2017, 04:09 PM
well you can always check, that lists all official and bootlegs cds

here's an exemple

there's lot boots that aren't listed.. so, you have to get a reliable source or ask somebody here for help to clear the doubts :)

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yes, acoording this this

Ever Anime, Miya Records, are bootleg companies, like Smiley Face Records, and Son May (SM).

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"The two most popular companies that have pirated FF CDs are SonMay (SM) and EverAnime (EA), both of which are in Taiwan. SM has been around for some time. EA seems to have popped up back in late 1999; I remember the first eBay auction I saw of an EA FF CD (got all those acronyms? ^_~). It was of Grand Finale, and I seriously thought it was an original. After that, EA became very widespread.

Now why, you may ask, are Taiwan companies pirating CDs? Here's the situation in a nutshell, most of which is from my own cursory research, so if I've got some details incorrect, please email me, preferably with a link to the Website from which you got your info. I will correct my information once I verify the accuracy of the details you send me.

There is a treaty, called the Berne Convention, between certain countries resulting from a series of conventions that was first held in 1886. It's called the "Berne" Convention because the treaty was first signed in Berne, Germany, in 1886. Successive conventions have updated and revised the treaty, and I believe the latest revision is dated 1979. These conventions hold that a copyrighted work in one member country will be recognized by other member countries. The owner's copyright lasts for his/her lifespan plus 75 years after his/her death. (I believe current U.S. law holds that the copyright lasts for only 50 years after death; I'm not sure if the law was changed.) I believe that at last count, 96 countries had signed the Berne treaty.

Taiwan and China did not sign the Berne Convention and so were not bound by its restrictions. Therefore, in these countries, it was legal to reproduce a person's work (including music, books, software...) without having to go through the legal channels of getting a license, paying royalties to the creator, etc. This is why bootlegging and piracy are rampant in Taiwan and China.

.... complete on, with a list of companies, officials and bootlegs!-Check-your-discs!

I told you google is your friend... :)

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prepare your wallet, only bootlegs are cheap and if you get lucky you find used cds not expensives

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this one has a lot of good and reliable links, ---- it's an old post, needs some updates though :)

05-13-2017, 02:09 PM
waouh thanks for your detailed answer blackie 74

Unfortunately, i've checked some Cds bought here in france and these are all bootleg...:( (Da** !!)
The only official that i have where bought in japan.

But like i said, in japan soundtrack are cheap compared to the Eu...So ok if i found a cheap OST of a game its sound like be careful.

I have one more question. I just bought a Hi-res Music player. So i rip my Cd into .FLAC.
About the quality of ripping, there is a difference between official and unofficial?
And i download here some ost that i don't have, but there's some with no Tag (cover etc..) can i put some one? or its impossible, we have to includ it during the rip??

Thanks again and sorry for my bad english

05-14-2017, 03:42 PM
But like i said, in japan soundtrack are cheap compared to the Eu...

I do not agree with you. Japan is one of the biggest soundtracks collectors. They have special editions, identical official releases like the west ones, cd releases only released in LP in the west, exclusively for collectors. So if you bought cheap ones in Japan, you got lucky :)

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And i download here some ost that i don't have, but there's some with no Tag (cover etc..) can i put some one? or its impossible, we have to includ it during the rip??

It depends if you want your collection organized with a log and cue, you should input the info before the rip. if not can add tags after the rips. Normally in the threads there are always links to the (that's a rule) therefore you can check the info.
If you download files here and they don't come with log and cue and no tags, you can add tags.

05-23-2017, 09:00 PM
Yes of course, its expensive but compared to the rest of the world...its less exepensive,for exemple i have bought my final fantasy 8 ost limited edition like new for only 500yens...

Thanks for your answers, i have foud a software which can add tag :p.

I have one more question, the last one promised ^^ (i want to learn about Hi res data and all of this stuff)

There is a difference between ripping a Cd and a Bluray disc? (about quality of course).

In fact i'm looking for the best quality that can i have.