06-04-2017, 11:30 PM
So I heard so much rave about Interstellar when it came out and for quite a while afterward. I got it from a free movie promotion on PlayStation Video a while back but just recently was able to sit down and watch it. I must admit, I only got half way through it, though I will probably finish it anyway. First, I want to ask all of those fans if they could explain to me why it appeared to be their favorite film of 2014. I'm not saying that is was your favorite film, it just sounded like that. Also there seemed to be a lot of emotion revolving around it, so maybe this is the reasoning.

There was an incredible amount of demand on this site for the complete score, as there was also incredible disappointment in the OST (and anger from those who do not understand that there is an ALBUM version and FILM version in basically every single OST ever released). I completely understand why many prefer expanded/complete scores vs OST, but I really do not see what everyone else does in this music. Do explain. I listened to the digital deluxe edition of the score and there isn't much to listen to. Sure the No Time For Caution is an interesting piece, probably the most interesting track in the entire album.

Honestly, if you ask me, I think that the Man of Steel score is far superior, but that is my opinion and I am not trying to spawn hate. I completely love the complete score that was shared on here earlier, so do not get me wrong in that I am against complete/expanded scores.