06-25-2017, 03:04 AM

Just posting about the latest ffxiv expansion. If you haven't heard any of the songs, i would highly recommend trying to find this soundtrack and listening. It's a phenomenal achievement by Masayoshi Soken (and Nobuo) those are the only two i know of currently who composed it.

For instance, some of the pieces really are illumined through the telling of the story. i could sit in a zone and just listen to the music and it would add to the experience of playing the game. I recently have been in the ruby sea. You can definitely here some similarities to other ff scores there, making me want to go back and find the inspiration for it. The theme of stormblood is heading east. and even going through the story there's this sense of moving to some place. It's definitely something that i can just sit and bask in while playing. For this reason i highly recommend listening to it since even if you haven't played it, it is bound to be significant for everyone whose played final fantasy.

I wasn't really thinking of discussion wheni wrote this, just wanted to let you know this score is amazing!