Nostalgia gamer
09-10-2017, 03:58 PM
Hello back after a super duper long time.As you know i had problems and i reviewed many games in this time on other forums.

As you know it is by squaresoft back in 1989, but the actual game is not related at all to final fantasy, just like secret of mana's original game was called Final Fantasy Adventure.

FF legends review:The game is pretty difficult to pick up and it doesn't explain anything in terms of power up.If you play this game, i advise you highly right now to pick up a guide, because there are NO DESCRIPTIONS!! the explanation as well of how to get monsters is pretty convoluted in explanation, and you will likely get very frustrated.This game doesn't mess around, it is hard, and requires a ton of grinding to actually make progress, just like the sequels actually.Anyways:There is a chart online which explains better that mixing monsters of different species and different levels, produces a calculation that is complicated of in between.The game is a lot of fun only because i looked up a chart and spent time and patience to get good enough to beat it.The game has many flaws, such as monsters being quite weak at first, and then they won't be as strong as mutants even later on.Mutant spells are completely randomly generated, leading to frustration when you lose an awesome spell, like for an example psi for something like weakness to fire, or some useless thing that only works outside of combat.Also:You can save anywhere, which means it is literall possible to be in a unwinable situation where you lack potions for mana and healing and you are at the last boss because you can save anywhere except in mid battle.The terrain is pretty simplistic and backstory is non existent for characters.

Gameplay:So in FF legends 1 all weapons(even the best weapons) can break.This is also true in ff legends 2 that most weapons can break, although there are some weapons that don't break as well.Spells learned by the mutant class can be recharged going to the inn.The inn recharges based on how much hp and mana difference there is between your max and 0.If you got 0 mana and 1 hp, you will have to pay a lot more than if you got max hp and some mana.Shields are used to block magic, and have elemental strength to them, and can also mitigate damage.Because of that, they have a durability that cannot be repaired just like all weapons, and thus break.Armor doesn't break, so you are free to use it.

Stats:You can gain stats by using a different kind of weapon:

Hammers and swords raise strength.Psi is based on mana, which is magic power in this game, and rapiers are speed based weapons which will do next to no damage or no damage if you have no agility.


Humans:They are very weak and you need to buy hit point potions which early on are very expensive and require a ton of money.You are forced to grind because you need it to survive the first boss.Humans can use all weapons and armor and are less random than mutants, leading to less save and loading all the time, but you miss out on powerful spells.Also:Spells if you want to buy them have a durability, and cannot be charged if bought, making mutants sweet.A full human team is possible and its done before by yours truly(me)

Mutants:They level up stats like humans based on the kind of weapon they use.Mutants are better off being naked, because they raise their strength agility hit points and even armor by just fighting, unlike humans, and those rows where armor goes can be used for spells, since mutants generally have very few slots.The spells as i said earlier, are randomly gained, so you have to restart every time.Mutants as far as i know are capable of using every weapon and armor in the game.

Monsters:They get power by eating meat.Eating meat is a new feature in any game of the series.Eating meat like i said earlier, is based on a chart between level of the monster species and element.The chart will tell you what creature you will get.If for an example you eat a lvl 3 monster meat of earth and you have a level 4 monster, you will probably be a monster between level 3-4.
Monsters gain abilities and stats based on the species and level.You will always want higher level monster regardless, because they will be stronger.Monsters cannot wear armor or use weapons.

Music:There are very few songs in the original game, but they are actually pretty good for what they are.

The story:So the story is there is a giant tower to paradise, and everyone who tried to climb it failed and was never seen or heard from again, and you are a adventurer who is sent out to climb the tower and reach the top.

FF legends 2:


FF legends 2 offers new stuff to improve upon what was lacking, and to balance out the difficulty, which they did very well.They did this by adding unbreakable weapons and monsters now drop spells so you can grind for stats more easily.Monsters actually change when you level into whatever is next in chart.Mutants are still a bit random, but at least, some of that randomness is gone.There is less buildup of stats, so more grinding is required over time to get those stats.

Shields are now used more for than before for block magic attacks.There was less of blocking elements in previous games.Most of the attacking is the same except now you got weapons that don't break and guns are included


Humans:You no longer have to buy potions of life to raise max hp, instead you just kill and level up and get stronger.You still gain stats from using a weapon, so grinding is still required to reach high stats.

Mutants:As said earlier, less random.They gain spells still, but less random and less overpowered.They tend to get less strength than humans, and they gain more armor than humans.Using armor is now desired and they have more slots.

Monsters:Your monsters can evolve from leveling up, but they still start out pretty weak and aren't that strong like humans and mutants.

Robots:These are a new included species to the game.Because of the complaints about weapons breaking, Robots were included as a answer.Robots get stats from weapons and don't level up.Their hp skyrockets with better weapons, and they start out with a gun, which is always going to be stronger at the start, but becomes far weaker at endgame compared to humans and mutants.Even monsters are generally stronger.They can also gain agility and strength from using weapon, something humans mutants and monsters cannot, and any weapon you use on them recharges when going to the in based on if you have charges.If for an example you get a weapon called nukebomb, and you give it to your robot, it permanently loses half its charge limit, and nukebomb only has 1 charge because it is the most powerfull bomb weapon in game.Robots otherwise are still very good endgame.

Difficulty:So you know ff legends 1 is difficult, well they scaled the difficulty to be based on your progress.If you don't grind a lot early on for stats until later in game, you will be forced to stop.Even mid game you will get a bunch of grinding to get armor and weapons as you move on, and the difficulty actually becomes noticeable when you hit venus town(the town of beauty)Enemies are stronger there, and require some grinding to get better weapons armor and new monster upgrade to deal with the boss and enemies around you.

Spheres/orbs whatever:You will find intelligence strength/mana.

music is excellent again. gameboy version boss theme. ds version.

FF legends 2 definitely has the most epic boss theme in the series and my favorite.

FF legends 2 still doesn't have a description of the spells or items, but its pretty simple.

FF legends 3:

You start out as a male character who's standard name is arthur, but you can change to whatever you like.You are a guy along with your team mates:A mutant boy a mutant girl and a human girl.You find out you were sent into the past because the world becomes flooded and monsters take over the world.You cannot choose a monster at the beginning or who gets to be mutant or robot, instead you have to fight monsters eat meat to become a monster and then you will have it, or find a piece of robot or android and install the chip into yourself.

There are slight differences to previous games, as in this games most armor and weapons and shields are just standard armor you equip with its own stats, and you no longer use a shield for deflecting spells, just have it equipped and it reduces damage and resists.Also most items are unbreakable, and you got MP instead of having spell charges for each spell you get.What this means is you level up you get more mp and you still use mana for how powerful your spells are.


Humans:Now humans don't have to grind by fighting on each weapon, they get stats instead from level ups.There are no health up for humans or anything like that either.

Mutants:Your stats are still same as ff legends 2, except now they tend to be more balanced as a spell casters.You no longer gain random spells, instead you buy spells for your casters, and they use it wether it be mutants or human casters, but mutants have better stats so they make better casters.

Monsters:This is where the biggest changes come in.You have two different types:Beasts and monsters.Beasts are different in that they are humanoid and can wear armor and have different kind of attacks.Talents are a new thing which they both get which has infinite use abilities in battle, meaning no recharge.Monsters are almost the same, except they become too large to use armor/weapons, and thus instead have their static stats and use talents and spells.Both have their uses.

Robot/android:Another new change is you got 2 different types of machines:Robots are different in that they get different stuff, You have self repair, which means you regenerate health over time, you can have more machine like attacks liek bashing and stuff like that.Androids which at high levels do have that, have more human like features and can wear armor and weapons, and they can actually stab you, and play more like ninjas and samurais in this game, making them some of if not the best and most desireable.Stats still effect robots, but androids have to raise their stats by using pills or potions or something to get 99 of each stat, except mana.I think robots have some mana actually.Because of the potion thing, you can get 99 in every stat and 999 health.Rumor has it that androids can actually outdamage humans with the endgame weapon.

Music is still really good, but took on a way different tone.The music is way less happy, which is fine, and tense.The boss theme actually feels like its trying to capture a feeling of danger of the boss.

There is also far more ways to travel than previous games.FF legends 3 has at start float to go above like in ff1 you got airship, but you get it sooner.You then get past to go into the past eventually dive and then future, allowing you to explore all areas.There is even a dimension travel, making the world design seem pretty similar to FF5 type exploration, so if you like that, then you might dig it.FF legends is the least popular, because it took away most of what is recognized from ff legends 2, which is the most popular.

In my opinion they do offer more ways to play than previous games.You still are stuck with being unable to choose who gets to be a mutant and human, but you can actually get past this by making a mutant into a robot and making whoever you want into a powerfull beast.The limitation of abilties does suck, as i miss having special abilities learned over time that are super powerful and unique.Now you just have whatever you can buy.