Nostalgia gamer
10-01-2017, 11:36 PM
Hello i bring yet another review and what i think so far.

Bear in mind i haven't finished the game yet, and am still playing it.

Mgs 5 is a telling of the story of the character venom snake and what leads up to the events of metal gear and the death of venom snake, along with what happened to miller and we get to see ocelot before he was really old.

To start off lets talk about the gameplay:There is a large open world with camps and people guarding these camps armed with guns and posts and they actually have shifts.

Personally:I don't find it worthwild to stealth during the day because that is just a exercise in frustration, and eventually guys will be armed with helmets and night vision anyways, but at least not all guys will have it.Be prepared to scream and rage hardcore, because they nerfed snake to be a joke in this game.

First lets start off with:Tranquilizer suppressor breaks really fast, and all suppressors until you grind for a awesome suppressor near the end game.

2:The line of sight of these guards is stupid.You could be crouching behind a wall and 40 meters away at night and a guy can see you somehow, WHICH IS STUPID!!

3:There are so many guards, that its impossible not to get seen, and they call in and the whole system goes on alert.Remember mgs 3 how you could shoot the radio out of the guards hand? well good luck doing that.If it wasn't hard enough, you got guys with radios on their back who can transmit information, and snake isn't equipped with wirecutters to break their comms or cut the wires of their satellite.If you waste your time blowing it up on a mission, you get a lower score and you alert everyone anyways, leading to them chasing you around, and then the benny hill song ensues.

4:The difficulty curb goes up fast if you are stealth, and the game punishes you by giving every guard a helmet as time goes on and night vision goggles and puts them in pairs, forcing you to try and be more of a sniper and or rambo option, because if you shoot one guy? the second guy gets alerted and tells everyone else, and then there goes your perfect score, also the guards will tighten up and wander around more making infiltration harder, leading to more frustration.

5:The skulls are the biggest middle finger in difficulty curb.I hate the skulls with a passion.These guys are so cheap and unfair.This one level(level 16) fills me with rage.I have restarted this level to try and get a S rank so many times and its ridiculous.There is this segment where you are chasing a vehicle with a kidnapped person in it, and you are supposed to save a person, and i get these 3 guys have HELMETS and night vision goggles all next to each other next to a tank which can turn to a 360 degree angle and see me from 50 meters away in the dark while crouching or crawling.To say i was more than a bit displeased with the tank is putting it mildly, as 3 guys come jumping out in a cutscene and the area is swarming with skulls and i repeatedly die.I am not a noob i swear, i have played many MANY!! mgs games, and this one has the most stupid unfair difficulty ever.At least in mgs4 you have a sneaking suit and can crawl past the guys.Good luck trying to crawl into a fortress without sounding a alarm with guys who can see you 60 miles away in the dark with night vision goggles.

Also:you want to get a high score because getting ranks on each mission gets you items in form of:money and people who are highly skilled.Early on really skilled men are rare and you need as many engineers with A-S++ rank so you can get those great stuff early on.You also can get a vehicle/vehicles from the mission, so thats nice too, and ingredients for buildings and item research.

The terrain is open and boring with not much to do but find recipe for weapons you must get because you need it to make it through these painful missions in your side jobs.You can also rescue prisoners for money in the form of GMP(Gross military product), Which is the currency in mgs 5.Both the missions and side jobs are terribly slow and dull.The game is so dull that i keep getting bored and watching youtube instead because it is more interesting.The lack of story is not keeping me invested, because i am just doing boring fetch quests of rescue prisoners blow up tanks murder some russian commander guy who is amazing for some reason, yet has bad stats.

Oh yeah i forgot:You got this motherbase thing and you have to hire soldiers and upgrade it and it costs money.You are supposed to go do missions and side jobs to pay for researching weapons and your land, while also gathering raw materials in form of gas and other stuff.You can't do anything cool at the beginning and you are limited to the worse tranquilizer gun in game.Worse yet, things have a takes over an hour in real time for the building to be built, and you need it to house engineers to get better weapons. When it comes down to it, it feels like a painful boring grinding game with not much stealth in it.So far i am highly disappointed.