Nostalgia gamer
10-06-2017, 12:45 AM
So i saw this game for free two months ago and i've been playing for a bit thoughts and so.

The game is a beautiful watercolor game that is pleasant to the eyes.The game is a fairy tale for kids about this princess who we think died but is sent to another land and we find out she is a princess and her evil stepmother is trying to kill her dad and take over the land by flooding it.In auroras adventures, she meets many friendly folk willing to join her on her heroic quest and save the land.

There are a total of 7 playable characters plus a wisp named igniculus which you control to blind enemies.

This brings up a few mechanics i haven't mentioned about battle:

When you get into a fight, you have a wisp who you can use to blind enemies and gather fairy dust from flowers to regain mana and hitpoints and wisp energy for your wisp.This is highly important, as it is required to slow down the active battle bar.

Remember the grandia bar

The life act bar? thats what child of light has.You can interrupt just like in grandia by attacking a enemy, and the enemy gets interrupted and cannot attack.Enemies can do this to you as well.And you can use your defend option to bring a barrier up making you uninterruptible, as well as casting a spell or drinking a potion for that.

There are many characters with important attacks, such as paralysis is hugely important, and plays a large role, as it freezes the act bar temporarily.You got attacks to jump forward in your act bar and abilities to push enemies back on their act bar, preventing them from being even able to take a option.

There are magical gems which you use instead of weapons to add stats and resists.Gems and levels and the stat bar unlocked are highly important in order to get stuff you need to beat the game.

Each gem has specifics like fire gives fire elemental attack and armor, and if equipped as a relic, it gives you stat boost or dodge or something alike.