10-25-2017, 06:41 PM
Can you please help me with my situation?

In the game, there are cassette shaped items called "Recordings". Every time you collect one, some music is added to the music player in the menu screen. I'm trying to get 100% of the recordings, but I'm stuck at 94%. As of now, I've beaten the main game, unearthed every bean spot, found every block, and got all of the record missions done in the Information Booth ( Is there anything I missed? Do I need to finish sidequests or meet certain conditions in the minigames? Do I need to finish Minion Quest?

What I'm trying to do is find the names of the songs in the game because like the music player in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, the songs have their own names and I would like this info for re-naming music/re-organizing music. This isn't for ripping music, since people have already uploaded the soundtrack to this forum.