02-08-2018, 02:35 PM
Drop Gun web-site gave me few not bad openings earlier. I made some dropps on Drop Gun and then didn't visit it for some time! Some days ago I learned that on the Major that won Gambit Dropgun was the title sponsor of this team! Sure that web service that makes a name sponsoring a cool team is a serious one)

This makes me to see the store from different point of view) So I entered the web-site and think there were cases in hot design) Thus, I resolved to win models from Dropgun ( cases. Hot cases seemed to give cool openings. . . Now I have filled my account and began to select the case. . . I don't purchase low cost cases because they don't give top models) I spin usually expensive and average price boxes. I was going to spin Gunmaniac box. . . The message of the site says it is random drop there)

Thus I was about to find if it were true! 5 first opening were not very top skins but 3 of them made earning. The beginning brought me the hope:) After these dropps I've caught ?StatTrak� M9 Bayonet Lore!. . After that I made 10 more bad dropps and got OMG AK 47 Fire Serpent minimal wear. . . Then I did near 10 more spins but there were nothing special there!. . So, let's count, I made a refill with $ 100 and made near 20 bad drops:) With those bad openings I loose about 80 USD. . . And 300USD gave me top items I catch! Now the earning is about 200USD and that cool skins I can sell or change.