03-13-2018, 11:53 AM
Do you guys know any Anime and/or Comics where David Bowie or one of his characters has been portrayed?

03-13-2018, 02:47 PM
The Venture Brothers.

05-07-2018, 07:04 PM
I would never expect that is so small amount of bowie material out there in comics..

05-16-2018, 11:33 PM
other than some manga I can think of maybe try the Labyrinth art books/ coffee table books. there are some good ones just like with Dark Crystal. also I don't know if its out yet but the comic series about the Goblin Kings origins seems interesting

Riddle Snowcraft.Δ17
05-17-2018, 08:54 PM
does Yoshikage Kira count?

06-19-2018, 02:37 PM
Kira is the only Bowie cameo that counts.

04-13-2019, 06:37 PM
Not an anime or comic, but perhaps Emperor Light from FF2 would count.