04-30-2018, 04:54 AM
Hello all,

Would anyone like to join me in a campaign to raise awareness for getting additional composer samples of unreleased music, or better yet, an additional official release for Mass Effect 3 soundtrack? I have already sent an email to Sascha Dikiciyan, as well as tweeted Conal Pierse, the community manager at BioWare - asking for additional website samples/Bandcamp release and official expanded release respectively. I feel like my one voice will not be as powerful as hundreds or even thousands of fans eager to get our hands on more ME3 music.

I'd very much appreciate it if you could tweet Conal Pierse asking for more ME3 music, and email the composers involved if applicable. Christopher Lennertz' website doesn't share personal email but he has a twitter, and Sascha's email is sascha@sonicmayhem.com.

I believe a 2018 version of write-in campaign (social media) with enough people stands a strong chance of seeing some new music released, either officially or through composer website samples and/or Bandcamp.


05-07-2018, 09:38 PM
Hello danielnrg --

I had previously asked Sascha for unreleased music from a few of her works but was informed that she cannot release it due to copyright reasons. And, considering she is still actively being employed by Ubisoft/BioWare & other developers.. Releasing their music would be career suicide..

However, perhaps your community approach would have a greater impact impact than simply asking blatantly for unreleased music. I would direct all messages towards BioWare as well, as well as leaving feedback where possible and posting in the community forums.