07-24-2018, 07:14 PM
Anything come to mind?

While not the best games in the world or anything, I find the music to be incredible. I really like how fast and frantic a lot of it is (like the Lightning Returns main title/battle theme) and the extreme blend of orchestra and synth/electronics/guitars. There's so many layers in the tracks. I keep going back to these OST's and discover more cool parts over time. Lots of jazz fusion and these three games have a strong tint of sci-fi in them to me which is key too. I also rarely like vocal tracks in VGM but I even like it all here (Dust to Dust comes to mind).

Comparisons to other FF's aside, I think these OST's might get overlooked a bit. They are insanely good! Are there any other games or anything else out there with a style quite like this? I admittedly haven't looked into the composers much yet since the trilogy seems like it was a huge joint effort with numerous composers, I'm not sure where to start.