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Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN
Music composed and conducted by Takayuki Hattori

70s FILM SCORE EDITION (!Hy5TmIAR!2FpjfxmsMl0rPUQJ-6rb2Q5T0K4x2vzLlbzWKQ3dzkM) / THE COMPLETE SCORE (!yqwyxL4Y!N1O4ZTU3apw3oI8F8_qzp41Q1DdGpgj9xHoHpRYxap4)

SAMPLE (Classic Hattori) ( / Sample (Modern Hattori) (

Here would be a post by Streich telling us a bit how damn good this Theme is if I could actually find it again. THE END.

Gundam The Origin is perhaps the final work of the original staff that worked on Ideon, Five Star Stories, Oldass Gundam series, Yamato 2199 and even the original Space Battleship Yamato. It's the farewell of a generation of SciFi anime space opera creators, their final loveletter to the Space Opera genre. From the retro designs to the original art by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (cover art) to the (mostly) 70s SciFi musical clothing of Takayuki Hattori. As with Yamato 2199, don't watch it if you hate good anime (you don't even need to watch/like Gundam to enjoy it).

This time I present the score in its full glory, two hours in length as well as a carefully arranged CD of film music that would not sound out of place at all in the 70s, around 80 minutes.

Now for the score, it's my favorite of the "modern" (only really a third of it is) Hattori scores and my favorite Gundam since SEED/DESTINY (14 years ago!!!!!) but that wasn't hard, only Yugo Kanno has a couple of good pieces to show. It's FINALLY Gundam sounding like the 70s again, even more so at times than Sahashi if you ask me, but of course you know who I prefer ;). SEED was goofy and allowed Sahashi to do basically whatever and have fun scoring SciFi in any way he pleased, from Vangelis to Goldsmith. The Origin doesn't really allow for such freedom. First many chuncks are scored to picture, second the story is no fool's play, it's an honest Space Opera, full of drama with high stakes and calling for a more "darker, urgent sound", there's some levity in SciFi conventions but the core of the story/score is tragic and dramatic. Hattori does what he thinks is best, that is a core of pure 70s SciFi like they don't make em no more and the rest is a determination to combine modern elements/style with classic 70s SciFi, incorporating his weird electronic tendencies from his past scores since the 90s and the modern sound palette. I don't mind it at all and compared to Godzilla were he really goes experimental (but in a good way) for the second film, this one barely makes do with the modern tool canvas. It rarely appears in full force, maybe ten minutes total from two hours. But Hattori certainly listened to past Gundam scores before composing this, an uplifting heroic cue with a killer melody sounds like a mix of Sahashi's Justice and Freedom and some IBO, interesting considering this was most likely written before IBO. Other highlights are of course the Zeon march, appearing in modern cloths as well as "classic" ones. It's a march of great urgency and victory of the "bad guys". But the score never is bombastic or "kitsch" even at its most action moments, excluding of course a rock version of the Main Theme as a battle cue, but aside from that the score is very restrained, it's an origin story, not a full-scale conflict yet. It's more textural than drawing attention to itself and sometimes sounding straight out of 60s/70s Television but that's how Japan rolls. Not to mention one of Hattori's best themes ever (especially in the classical variant). If you ask me the score could have used "more obvious" Leitmotif but Hattori is no longer in his younger days. Regardless, in short, I love it and its full of class.


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Thank you very much. I look forward to listening to this.
One question. What is this, exactly?

Is this a commercial release? Is this a rip? Is this an Iso Score?
Is it a mix of multiple sources?
If yes, is there a way to tell what's what?
Are the track names yours? (I don't mean the translations, I mean the source names.)
One of the covers matches a commercial release, which has fewer tracks.
Both downloads have identical cover art, which in themselves have little relation between file names and content.

Thank you again.

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My personal rips from the soundtracks, the first one is an album I made of the purely orchestral tracks with no modern elements (no drumloops, e-guitars etc) so that it could have come straight out of a 70s SciFi movie, the second album has every orchestral cue, regardless if it is modern or not, from all the soundtracks. I've arrranged the pieces so that they flow naturally like a film score. You don't really need the 70s arranged album if you want the full exeperience of Hattori's work.

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So what you're saying is that these are personal compilations pulled entirely from album sources.
(With presumably original album titles.)

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Thanks for this, Vinphonic :)

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Thank you for the share! Much appreciated!! Gundam scores never get old!!

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Thanks !

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